Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Philly Fighter

Lots of posts coming tonight, but I wanted to get this nice story out from yesterday's Daily News. John Smallwood looks at Temple senior Khadija Bowens, who was dismissed from school as a sophmore for academic reasons. However, she went to Philadelphia Community College, hit the books hard, and was able to get readmitted. She played last night, in Temple's loss to Rutgers in the second round of the NCAA Tournament, and is a wonderful story about the power of team, sports and hard work.

I wanted to highlight this quote from the story, which is just so perfect and familiar:

" 'Dij' is a fighter," said senior co-captain Ari Moore, who came into the program with Bowens. "She's a Philly girl who's a fighter, just like coach Staley.

"She was able to get herself together. She decided this was the place she wanted to be, no other place. I'm glad she's here. She's a person who I admire because when the going got tough, she kept fighting. That's really the type of attitude you want on a team."

Philly fighter, a phrase that just fits, y'know? It is the essence of this blog, the belief that the fight oftentimes is the ultimate act. (If only I could take this lesson to heart with my own life.) Anyway, read the story, and hold this idea close to your heart as we look at the challenges that face us as a city and a nation.

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