Thursday, March 10, 2005

Run the Road TONIGHT

Philly Stand Up! This is the event of the month, loyal readers, so get out to this one or be square. Tonight at La Tazza, the first grime stars will be hitting the Illadelph, and Pound for Pound could not be more excited. This tour is in support of the release of the first grime compilation, Run the Road, which is being released here in the United States by the good folks at Vice Records. Jammer, D Double E and Ears are some of the younger stars of the scene, who should give a great sense of where the music has been and is headed. Check out reviews of the compilation here and here and see how amazing an reception it has gotten thus far. Get in now, before everyone and their moms is talking about this shit. Or at least, get into now so that it just Internet geeks like me enjoying something this great.

So, I've mentioned grime a few times here, but I have not really given a thorough take on it. In some future posts, I will attempt to talk more about it, and give a better take on what is happening in London, what is the best stuff hitting the streets, how you can get a hold of this music stateside, and why I love it so much. For now, you will have to trust me, though, and know that this music has hit me harder than anything I have heard in many years. It began and has blossomed solely on the pirate radio stations of London, a near-literal underground music that has taken from American hip-hop, jungle, UK garage, even world musics and created something wonderful and unique. Click here to download a pirate radio show featuring D Double E, the Roll Deep Crew, Footsie and JME doing a set on Rinse FM January 9, 2005. You should get a sense of the music, the creativity and the necessity of making this show tonight. [Thanks to Ghetto Postage for this one, as he posted it up weeks ago. Check out his blog, as it is one of the best resources for grime.]

If all of this wasn't enough, Team Shadetek will also be playing at this show, bringing their blend of jungle, noise, hip-hop, dancehall, IDM and whatever else to the basement at La Tazza. Finally, local boys dev79 and Starkey, who put together this night, will spin. More to come on these guys, as they deserve their own post for all the good stuff and hard work they bring to Philly.

Again, come out, as you will not be disappointed, I promise. Let's show these guys a warm welcome in our city, and prove that this is one of the best music scenes in the world. Holla at your bol if you want to come along, or if you see a kid in a green/black North Face jacket and Ewing Adidas kicks.

Date: Tonight, Thursday, March 10
Time: 10 P.M.
Place: La Tazza, 108 Chestnut St. Downstairs

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