Monday, March 28, 2005

MOMA Gets Punk'd

I wanted to give y'all a chance to catch your breath, as I know last week was a sort of wonkish one here at Pound for Pound. Taxes and ethics don't get ya laid, I know. That's what you might think, fellas, but remember that this is the year of the intellectual thug. Start talking Derrida and Benjamin, and watch them panties drop. (Any woman nodding her head to this, please get at me ASAP)

Anyway, I have not been happy reading the news in a long time, which only made this story that much better. On Friday a London graf artist who goes by the name of Banksy pulled one of the great pranks of all-time on March 13. He went to the four of the most prestigious museums in New York City-the Museum of Modern Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the American Museum of Natural History- and hung his own works on their walls. That's right, he walked in with his own canvases and hung them on the wall. Best of all, it took museum personnel days to realize that they didn't belong.

The Wooster Collective has all of the behind-the-scenes info, interviews with the man, and some great pictures of the act being committed. Go here to check out their site, which we will come back to in the near future. Go here to learn more about the mysterio behind this daring stunt. Dudes bringing fake beards and trench coats back into style (Inspector Clouseau, holla!)

I'll leave you with this quote from Banksy in the the NY Times article about the whole affair:

You just have to glue on a fake beard and move with the times.

Words to live by, kids. Words to live by.

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