Thursday, March 31, 2005

To Smoke or Not to Smoke

That is the question facing Philadelphia now, as City Council tabled a bill by Michael Nutter a few weeks back (at the same time that they killed ethics reform) that would ban smoking in public places, including restaurants and bars.

So, what do my readers think? I would like for people to put their thoughts on this issue in the comments below, mainly as a way to get readers to call themselves out. I will hold my opinion until later, as I do hope people will respond with their thoughts.

What about my Philly people? Do you want a ban? Does it keep you from going out more? What were your thoughts about the recent tabling of the bill, since it lacked enough yes votes? Is this issue a major or minor one for you? For those not in Philly, do you want a smoking ban where you live? Do you already have one in your city? How is it working? What would your view of Philly be if this bill were passed? If it was scrapped again? Let's hear what you think, as I know that there are strong opinions on both sides, and I still feel in the middle. If you live in the suburbs somewhere, I don't give a shit what you think.

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