Thursday, March 24, 2005


Speaking of Philly music that deserves a greater audience, there is a great post over at We Eat So Many Shrimp, the best hip-hop blog in the game, dealing with this very topic. This one comes from emynd, author of his own blog called Schizophrenic Tenant Number One. He takes a look at one of the hottest mixtapes here in the 215, which I hope to grab soon.

Oschino is the lesser-known member of the State Property crew, probably for a reason. As emynd says, "Dude's not really spectacular in anyway and he doesn't have a real marketable sound (probably why his album with Amilio Sparks hasn't really come to fruition on the Roc) but dude is just ridiculous with his heart-felt ghetto shit." Anyway, emynd takes a closer looker at Oschino, who is getting lots of attention here in Philly off of his mixtape, Oschino Best of Part 2. He does a better job than I can describing the joy of listening to this State Property stuff, and he has some mp3s to hear for yourself. "I ain't want clothes I just wanted some Boston Market." Dun, that's real.

I agree completely, and would recommend heading here, grabbing some mp3s and checking it our for yourself. I cannot recommend highly enough So Many Shrimp, as it is the best blog writing about hip-hop. Their writers write with love and anger at this music, calling out the good ish that no one has heard yet and the frauds that everyone has heard of. More to come on the bols over there.

Anyway, we will be talking lots of music in the near-future, trying to highlight Philly artists that don't get enough due and the new and old sounds that have been making this long winter a little more tolerable.

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How about some more pictures?

And why not rant about other cities like that shit-hole Detroit?