Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday in NYC

I'm always looking out for my NYC people, as there is so much good stuff going down in one of my second-favorite city. These two listings show how much diverse stuff one can get into on any given night, as lots of great music will be heard in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

First, Arto Lindsay will be playing a benefit show at Tonic, as it continues to try and save itself. Lindsay is one of the most important musicians around, unafraid to experiment, with an ear to the sounds of the world. Let me quote Tonic's description, as it definitely gives a nice summary of the man and his work:

An American who grew up in Brazil during the heyday of that country’s pointedly eclectic Tropic├ília movement of the 1960s, Arto Lindsay has made a lifelong habit of crossing borders, musically as well as geographically. From his late ’70s work with noise architects DNA through his series of bossa nova-influenced albums in the late ’90s, Lindsay has fused rhythms, melodies, and verbal expressions from several cultures and genres in provocative new ways, crafting inimitable soundscapes whose impact can range from fragile pop pleasure to sheer sonic assault. His collaborators are literally all over the map: German theater director Heiner Muller, Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, American multidisciplinary artist Vito Acconci, British producer/conceptualist Brian Eno. He has also worked with the Lounge Lizards, the Golden Palominos, Laurie Anderson and David Byrne, among others, and has been instrumental in bringing Brazilian music to a new audience, producing Caetano Veloso and writing

I can't add much to that, but will say that his recordings over the last two decades have been essential listening for me.

Over in Brooklyn, Cosmo Baker has started up an essential weekly party, Remedy 718, at Triple Crown in Williamsburg, bringing in some of Philly's greatest DJs to show New Yorkers how it's done. This is the remix of his legendary Remedy 215 party here in Philly, and I expect that it too will become an necessary part of everyone's week. Low Budget of Holletronix and Pound for Pound (no homo) fame is the special guest. So, head to Williamsburg, bring out all the hipsters, and enjoy yourselves.

Since Low B will not be spinning at 700 Club tonight, you owe it to me to go out and show some love and appreciation. As Cosmo says, "You know how we do. Burning down the house and all of that...Holler." You have been warned.

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