Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March Madness

It's March, and I am mad. Mad for basketball, that is. Well, actually, the madness results from a combination of self-loathing, single life, and too much drinking, but let's just fit all those under the heading 'basketball'.

Seriously, it is the greatest time on the sports calendar, when for three weeks college basketball captures the attention of the nation with the NCAA Tournament. Is there anything better than cheering for some tiny red-state school to upset a North Carolina, Duke or Kansas? Is there anything better than staying home from school or work and catching the afternoon game? Filling out the brackets as the three weeks unfold? Watching hours and hours of artistic, passionate basketball to erase the ugly memories of football season?

I need to give a shout-out to my team, the Penn Quakers, who got the 13 seed in the Chicago regional. They will be playing against Boston College, the 4 seed and Big East power, in Cleveland. While it is nice that the team got back to the Big Dance, I think that Penn has a real chance to pull off the upset. BC has struggled down the stretch, including a bad loss in the quarterfinals of the Big East tourney this past. It will take a perfect game, but I am excited to see what happens Thursday afternoon.

Oh, I need to highlight this story, which only makes everything that much sweeter. It could not happen to a better school or group of 'fans'.

Congragulations are also in order for the Temple women's basketball team, which had its best season ever. The committee screwed them with only a 6 seed, despite the team being ranked in the top 15 and going undefeated in the Atlantic 10. Good luck to the team, as they are a wonderful story. Make sure to read this article on Dawn Staley, who grew up in North Philly. She is an inspiration for all, and one of the truly good people in this city.

Go check out Yoni's site, as that should give you all the info about the tourney you could ever need. Actually, that you should need, as don't forget that these are just kids playing. Lighten up, enjoy the games and let everyone know who you think is going to win.

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