Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Cowboyz 'n' Poodles

I caught this post from Julianne Shepherd at her so-necessary blog, Cowboyz 'n Poodles, and it seemed like the perfect post to highlight what she has going on. NY Electric captures that urban energy and beauty that so few seem to acknowledge and influences everything that I am trying to do with Pound for Pound. I hope to spend more time in the future dealing with the day-to-day city, the beauty of the urban life on the ground, that electricity. Imma get all de Certeau on your asses.

I have added her blog to the links on the right, as everyone should make it a regular stop. Girl is doing real big things-writing, choreographing, hanging out with Disco D (!!!!)- and now is the time to axe like you know. Any writer who can write a line like this one, from another recent post that made me very happy, "I'm eyeballs-first into my obsession with being IN NEW YORK--really becoming a breathing cell of the city-organism. To be a part of its present, I'm reading to know its past" is aces in my book. I mean, damn! Is this my first blog crush? It might be, although I'm not sure if the guy who plays Clark Kent on Smallville has a blog. Either way, she is one of the best, and an inspiration for this blog.

Sorry for the delays, but Blogger has been crazy today. Lots of stuff to come in the next few days, especially music, as we are going to the next level.

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