Tuesday, March 22, 2005


I wanted to give another update to the blogroll, as I have added Attytood to my links list on the right. Attytood is the work of William Bunch, writer for the Philadelphia Daily News. I have been reading it for the past week or two, and have been amazed at the quality and depth of writing over there. Bol is covering Philly, national politics, sports, pop culture, everything under the sun, all with intelligence, humor and, yes, attitude.

Go over and check for yourself, as I think that it will become a daily read for everyone. If you have doubts, let me just me quote from this recent post:

We at Attytood Sports have a tried-and-true technique that helps us formulate opinions on the hot topic of the day: Read whatever Stephen A. Smith writes in the morning Inquirer and -- just like "Seinfeld"'s George Costanza -- think and do "the opposite."

Perfect is all I can say. Anyone who has seen or read the Philadelphia Inquirer's Stephen A. Smith, loudmouth extraordinaire, should be nodding their head right now. The whole post is spot on, calling out all sports journalists for their fawning coverage of baseball during the heart of the steroids era.

Anyway, go over and read for yourself one of the best blogs going. This shit is the blueprint for Pound for Pound, and I hope one day to get to this level.

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