Friday, September 15, 2006

TV On The Radio - Return To Cookie Mountain

TV On The Radio, "I Was A Lover"

TV On The Radio, "Wolf Like Me"

G-d, this seems like one of the most hyped, most anticipated albums of the second-half of the year. TV On The Radio's Return to Cookie Mountain is getting love from everyone, lauding like only a new Bob Dylan album. It's kinda caught me off-guard, to be honest, as their debut album was very good, but it didn't seem to be that huge. Plus, in the indie world, it's hard to get any love after the inital buzz wears off.

In that spirit of openmindedness, I decided to not let me inner hipster hate this CD immediately. Actually, I was super excited for Return To Cookie Mountain (in spite of the awful title) and it exceeded my expectations. It's dense, experimental, hypnotic, one of those rare works that remains simultaneously pop and uncommitted to the structure of that genre. The thing that always draws me in to their music is lead singer's Tunde Adebimpe, one of those rare great voices in indie music. It most reminds me of Bloc Party's Kele Okereke, that same earnestness, emotion and skill. It's the music that takes the bands in different directions, as Bloc Party work in the post-punk frame and TVOTR seem to have a much broader pallette of influences.

This album shows how ambitious the band is, bringing mechanical beats, drones, beautiful melodies, post-punk into an album. The best comparison imo is to the Liars' recent album, in terms of the adventurousness and ambition. Highly, highly recommended, buy your copy immediately.

-Another great Brooklynite has put together a great piece of music. Mr. Greg Bresnitz, a.k.a. DJ Never Forget of Finger On The Pulse fame, has dropped a dope mix for everyone to hear, so head over and grab it immediately. This was my soundtrack for the ride home on the Chinatown bus, and has been the soundtrack for a lot of the writing I do. It's a fucking phenomenal work, lots of great dance music, some indie, mixed beautifully, what more can I say?

-White Lightning tonight at Home Sweet Home with Lauren Flax, Kim Ann Foxman and Dirty Jean. Still Life opens a new store on Orchard (btwn Grand and Broome) with a party tonight, can't wait to see the new flagship on my next visit. Finally, Steven Bloodbath is spinning at Beauty Bar on 14th Street. Downtown kids, stand the fuck up!

-Keep your fingers crossed on this apartment I saw, as it's a great spot with three cool girls as roomates (we're real close to having a Three's Company thing going on, I mean my name is Jack for chrissakes! Let's do it). I doubt that I'll get it, since it sounds like there's another 20 people. I wonder if my dear readers should write them and vouch for my genius, coolness and general desirability. Hmm, I'm not sure. Shout out to the girls for being so nice, Internet Garage for allowing me to talk to you, the Bedford Cheese Shop and Cafe for the coffee, the beautiful girls walking down Bedford Ave. and the L for being on time and getting me where I need to go.

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TV on the Radio will be performing at mtvU Woodies and they are also being featured on the Backstage Pass: