Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Bass Is Back


Scarlett (That Girl)

Gucci Crew II, "Sally (That Girl)" (320, all DJs play this for g-dsakes!)

That's right, motherfuckers, your bol has finally gotten his act together. We're taking Pound for Pound back to its roots, back to the booty days, when Miami bass and ghettotech and Bmore club ruled here. I'm embarassed to realize how long it's been since we upped any music from these genres, but I've been trying so hard to keep up with music today that I lost sight of the past. We're gonna remedy that from here on out, dedicating a few posts a week to the earlier shit, the foundations of all that we listen to today.

We're gonna start out slow, dropping two of the most famous, classic Miami bass tracks of all-time. I'm actually kinda worried that many people won't already have these, as it still seems like these songs (and the whole genre) are unknown. Above is a stone-cold classic, Gucci Crew II's "Sally (That Girl)." The boys warn us about that girl in the neighborhood, the maneater who has a guy for every day of the week. The cautionary tale is told over a great drum machine beat, phenomenal.

-All pictures this week will be of Scarlett Johansson, in honor of her upcoming movie, one of my most anticipated films of the year, Black Dahlia. This is all part of my ongoing effort to get a date with Scarlett, as that pussy Josh Hartnett ain't on her level. I mean, does the dude even have a blog? Holler.

-Everyone needs to check out this video of Keith Olbermann's editorial at the end of his MSNBC show, especially if the sour taste of Bush's speech yesterday and the ABC movie filled with lies remains. His last line, "May the country forgive you," is the gulliest, ballsiest, most amazing thing I have seen in a while.


Papeuss said...

seems like the link is broken... I just can't enough ghetto tek lately so I hope it's not coming from my lousy connection.
A link to a ghetto tek track that blows my brain out: DJ Gero - Kryptonite (remix)

Chief said...

Olbermann spoke the truth. I hope that it reached the people that needed to hear it.