Monday, September 04, 2006

Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hour #6

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #6 (Jail) (unlimited d/l)

Here's the sixth installment of Mr. Dylan's radio show, covering one of the great subjects for song material, jail. I'm gonna keep this short and simple, as I'll probably discuss Dylan's new album later this week and I don't want everyone to overdose on him.

The one essential thing for everyone to do is listen to Merle Haggard's "Sing Me Back Home," one of the last songs of the show. It's one of the greatest, most heartbreaking songs ever recorded. The Grateful Dead covered this song in the early 70s, with Garcia's wonderful fragile voice serving the song well. Here, Haggard, the ex-con turned music star, does the original version and it's magnificent. It's a song about loss and loneliness, and should make clear why jail is such a perfect muse for writing. It's a condition that isolates a (wo)man from his/her home, family, friends and forces them to rely only on memory.

You also get some other classics, like Johnny Cash's "Folsom Prison Blues," which features possibly the greatest lines ever written- When I was just a baby, my mama told me, "Son, always be a good boy, don't ever play with guns."/But, I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die- wow. There's a lot more, another essential listening experience and a chance to hear Bob Dylan ruminate on music and life.


wildflower seed said...

Said it before, but it bears repetition. Thank you for these! :)

z. said...

as a thank you for all your musical gifts.. i thought i would return the gift.... enjoy!

return the gift

Whomadewho-Hello, Empty Room
The VCRs-Get On (Playgroup Remix)
Shy Child-Echo And Throb
Kaos-Now And Forever
A.R.E. Weapons-Streetgang (A Touch of Class Remix)
The Soft Pink Truth-Real Shocks (The Swell Maps )
Tom Vek-I Aint Saying My Goodbyes
Pony Up!-Minstrel
Richard X-You (Better Let Me Love You X4) Tonight (Featuring Tiga)
Jeans Team-Nonstop Nonstop Nonstop
Headman-So Disgraceful
the Presets-Girl And The Sea (Cut Copy Remix)
Tiefschwarz & Eric D'Clark-Blow
Leroy HangHofer-Hippie Spick
Rinôçerôse-Fucky Funky Music / Motorcycle Boy Version
Kiki & Silversurfer Feat. Captain Comatose-Shake Off

Anonymous said...

Did I miss #5? I've been out of town for two weeks and so far had collected up to #4, the baseball theme. Appreciate it ...