Sunday, September 03, 2006

The Killers - When You Were Young

When I was young

The Killers, "When You Were Young"

While you would think that The Killers would not be a Pound for Pound favorite, what with their style over substance schtick, this song found its way into my jams list. I actually caught the video accidentally on MTV2, not knowing that this was the new single from The Killers. I liked a lot immediately, felt like I needed to get it out to my readers. It's just a great rock song, nothing more, nothing less. I love the yelling voice of the lead singer, followed up by that longing "When you were youuuuuuunnnnnngggggg." Yeah! It's got a general sad tone, which sounds right to me now. There's also a nice instrumental buildup each time, making this a good rock'n'roll song.

-As Pound for Pound continues to spread its wings, we're gonna start highlighting events outside of the Philly/NYC area more regularly. No better place to start than Montreal, that most French of cities outside of France, which also happens to be hosting Brooklyn's Finger on the Pulse tonight at Korova. They'll be dropping their bangers and making the indie girls swoon north of the border, not sure if the songs will be translated into Quebecoise or what. Peep the great flier here.

-On the Left Coast, in the heart of darkness known as Los Angeles, my bol Daniel is committed to the noblest of goals: getting the kids to dance. Tonight, he's doing it at his weekly Le Disko at Safari Sam's on Sunset Boulevard. Guaranteed good time.

-Finally, in the greatest city on Earth, Paper Street's Sunday Is The New Black continues to rule, with a Labor Day edition featuring Caps and Jones. Essential, way better than a barbecue.

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b_dot_LOUD said...

Thanks for the download. Surprisingly, it took me awhile to find this becuse their video for this song is everywhere.