Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Riot In Belgium - The Acid Never Sleeps

Riot In Belgium, "The Acid Never Sleeps (3 AM Rough Rave version)" (320, the new dank!)

Riot In Belgium, "The Acid Never Sleeps (Boys Noize 909 Disco remix)" (320)

Here's a huge club tune for y'all, one that's been getting a lot of love from the DJs/producers we've been looking at here. It's on FabricLive 28 by Cut Copy (which is filthy good and makes me want to just up full versions of the entire album for the rest of the month) and Tiga has said it's one of his favorites recently. One listen to the vinyl single and it's not hard to see why.

"The Acid Never Sleeps (3 AM Rough Rave version)" isn't anything too crazy, a nice simple acid track that features a cool vocodered voice repeating the "The acid never sleeps." It sorta sneaks up on you like acid, seeming all harmless and before you know it you're laughing like a madman and seeing your friend turn into a lion. The Boyz Noise remix doesn't change things up too much, adding some cool old school rave siren sounds and generally making this one a little more fun. I'd probably go with that one as the winner, what does everyone else think?

-There may be a riot in Manhattan tonight, as Philly invades and conquers as usual. Misshapes is celebrating Fashion Week and the release of their new magazine with a party starring Low Budget and Dave P. and Sweatheart. Holy shit, that's a real serious night, NYC. Real serious. Have fun, just recognize that Philly runs shit now, yahear?

-I'll be in NYC tomorrow afternoon, so if anyone would like to greet me in Chinatown at the bus stop with a sign reading Pound for Pound, I'd like that. Otherwise, just hope that this apartment viewing(s) work out and that the bus doesn't have another bathroom leak spewing an unknown liquid into the bus. Emphasis on the latter.


Papeuss said...

For me right now it's more "rot in belgium" - that's where I study...thanks for the track , I'd heard it on Studio Brussel, but no way to get the title. A bit disappointed to the Boys Noize remix. I found the original great, but a bit "flat" sometimes, so I was expecting a dancefloor killer from the germans, and they just don't use the huge acid sample enough for me.

Anonymous said...

fabriclive 29: cut copy