Thursday, September 07, 2006

Cassius - Eye Water

Cassius feat. Pharrell, "Eye Water"

Cassius, "Toop Toop"

New Cassius, people, new Cassius! Here's the next track off of their album, 15 Again, this one features the ubiquitous Pharrell. It's an interesting track, to say the least. On first listen, I thought it was awful, on par with the duds Pharrell has dropped solo recently. But, with each listen, it started to get catchier and catchier, Pharrell's voice worked for me more and more and subsequent listens were more and more necessary. The lyrics of the song were the biggest hurdle, tackling environmental and political issues. Hearing Pharrell rap/sing "car emissions" is my idea of a good practical joke, but not a great song. But, with each listen, the idea of a Planet Earth after all of the wars, when we have killed each other off in war and destroyed our environment, becomes more palatable. Is it idealistic, simple shit? Sure, but what's wrong with that? The music reflects this hippie-ish perspective, a gentle, electro sound. Peep the hair metal guitars toward the end, or the stutttering conclusion that mirrors the end of the world foretold.

Be warned, this song is not for everyone. It's not really a club banger, it's surely no "Toop Toop," which might be the song of the year and needs to be heard by everyone. I'm curious to hear what people think, as I know that it's hard to sit on the fence with Pharrell. Grab the album when it comes out, as this is gonna be hard to ignore.

- "Toop Toop" reminds me of the Ed Banger night; one of the best moments came when Mehdi or SebastiAn, can't remember which, dropped that one and the place went ape-shit. You need to get this one DJs, drop this in your sets ASAP. One other highlight that night was Rage Against The Machine 's "Killing In The Name." Seriously. It sounded so great on a huge system, everyone knows the lyrics, it just went hard. Keep it in mind, that band is totally slept on.

-More cool links to Pound for Pound: pH over at the Turntable Lab blog, TTL Estoy Con Estupido, repped us for that Ed Banger show. Thanks for the look, good to see that he came through that night and enjoyed himself, as it really was a special night for NYC music-wise. Also, an adult soccer league in Brooklyn featuring DJs and TTL employees with lots of fights? For real? How do I get a part of this when I move? Your bol was all-League twice, no lie. Get at me, I need to be a part of that.

-Holy fucking shit Philly!!!! The Clipse are coming to town in early November, thanks to R5 Productions. Things just keep getting better, believe it.


Brian said...

Apparently that Pharrell track got scrapped from his album, so Cassius decided to put it on theirs. I like it though.

And yeah, that Clipse show is gonna be bonkers.

Shane said...

defiently not a fan of eye water ;p. but I cant wait for the album :D. sadly I havent hurd any rage at the clubs.. I wish I did though.

Christ Returns said...

Yepp, a priceless moment during Justice and Erol Alkan's dj set earlier this year at fabric was when they dropped "killing in the name of", everybody just went out of their minds - the place said BOOOOOOOOOOOM

TrabantPants said...

You're not alone man, i love eye water too. It's got that special sounding like great obscure forgotten 80s music that never actually sounded so good specific cassius feel.

Anonymous said...

this track was credited a longe time on it uses a sample from cassius' "hi water". so i don't think it was meant to be on pharrells album.

GASD said...

I love this song i even have a post about it on my blog i want to find the lyrics tho