Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tampa Tony - Bobbahead

Tampa Tony, "Bobbahead"

Yung Joc feat. Trae, "It's Goin' Down (remix)"

Oh shit, I have been waiting to put up this up for hot minute. Cot damn, this is my shit. Tampa Tony's "Bobbahead" dropped recently, the next snap track heater. Tony is a protege of Trick Daddy and the Slip 'n' Slide label, but he sounds more a part of the snap scene of the ATL. The sound here is sick, sick, sick; all snaps, bass and drum machines, minimalism at its finest. This shit makes me wanna fight or fuck, which makes it a 10 in my book. I especially love Tony's voice, with its drugged out, almost slurry sound. The way he lets each word slowly slip out is amazing, making this that much better. Highly, highly recommended. Cheah!

The other track is a lesser-known remix of the single of the year, Yung Joc's "It's Goin' Down." This one features Asshole by Nature Trae, one of Houston's finest and hopefully the next name to jump off down there. Trae really does have one of the most intimidating voices rap's ever heard, a deep, forceful voice that might be better used as a preacher or something. Trae drops the first verse, then you get the rest of Joc's verses. Good stuff, although I still love the original most of all.

-My bol and your favorite blogger JT will be on the radio this afternoon, doing the 2-5 slot on WPRB 103.3. He's the special guest on Maria Sciarrino's show, she of Her Jazz fame. For those not in the Philly area, and for that matter those not in the, like, 2 mile radius that picks up PRB, tune in online at and enjoy the rawk music.

-A message to the mouse that scared the pee out of me last night by creeping onto my nightstand: this is an act of war. You have provoked a peaceful person and I shall now bring my wrath down. I'm not talking some humane trap, call the exterminator shit. No, no, I'm talking glue traps and pain, I'm talking torture and mutilation as a warning to all your little buddies to stay the fuck away. We're get on some Lord of the Flies, paint my face with your blood, loincloth, kill Piggy shit, straight crazy steez. You brought this on yourself is the sad part.

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mymathematicalmind said...

2 mile radius? I dunno man, our signal extends from North Jersey to almost Delaware. Our signal is one of the strongest for a college station in the US! But thank you for the plug and I hope you had a good time listening.