Friday, September 08, 2006

Justin Timberlake -

Justin Timberlake feat. T.I., "My Love"

Justin Timberlake feat. Clipse, "Sexyback (remix)"

Since the "Sexyback" remixes did so well here, I figured that I would up one more track from the new album, Future Sex/Love Sounds. "My Love" is my favorite track on the album, a little more in Timberlake's wheelhouse than the first single. It's more romantic and sweet than sexy and hard, a better fit for his talents and image. The Timbaland production is the star of the show, as he puts together one of his most memorable songs in a while, a synth monster with a stuttering, insistent drum machine, claps, a deliberate, well-paced tempo. Unbelievably hot. But don't front on Justin, all you hard guys who think he's too soft or gay or whatever. Don't be so ashamed to admit that you love this, you love JTimb and that falsetto singing about love and romance and all that shit you want. He's in great form here, almost on the verge of a scream when he really starts to let loose vocally. T.I. drops a decent verse, a nice counterpoint to Timberlake's girlier sound and persona. Heater, folks, grab this and put it on your next mix to your loved one, DJs spin this out and watch people start making out.

I also threw in another "Sexyback" remix, this one featuring the incomparable Clipse. Good stuff, always good to have anything with Pusha and Malice. Also, another good example of how big a fan Justin is of hip-hop, his willingness to engage the music with its best producers and rappers. Keep it up, Justin, we love you here at Pound for Pound.

-Lauren Flax. Dave Morelli. Dave Elliott. White Lightning!. Justin Timberlake album listening at 10. Home Sweet Home. Yes.

-I just had to say something about The Presets show Wednesday night at the Khyber. A-may-zing, possibly the best concert of the year (I don't have a girlfriend anymore, so yes, I do make up Top 10 lists, FYI). I had high hopes for the show, evidenced by the fact that I walked from Northern Liberties by myself to attend. But, it far exceeded those expectations, as the duo played perfect live dance/rock music. It was loud and poweful, like a great rock show, but it had a mechanical, beats driven sound that had people dancing. Hints of New Order, Bloc Party, Kudu, all the shit that I like, done with impeccable skill and style. Catch them on this tour, you will not be disappointed.

Oh, and can I just say how much I love you Philly? It was so amazing to see an entire crowd dancing and going crazy and completely unconcerned with what the people around them were thinking. You are the best city in the world, I have no doubts.

-Speaking of good times for me, my new pieces for the Philadelphia Weekly are out and they are two of my favorites. Check out my preview of the Junior Boys show tonight at the North Star, which I will probably attend. Even better, I got to do the A-List piece for MSTRKRFT at Medusa!!!!! Holy shit, this is gonna be bonkers,

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Shane said...

as MUCH as I try I cant get enough of sexyback. ill prolly listen to it to death. On the note of MSTRKRFT ive seen them twice and they are by far my favorite this year(if not my favorite in general) if that
acid jacks - awake since 78 msrkrft remix arrises I expect you to post that shit :D