Thursday, September 28, 2006

Martini Bros. - Big and Dirty

Martini Bros., "Big and Dirty"

Martini Bros., "Big and Dirty (Tiga remix)"

Since Tiga will be destroying New York City tonight with a DJ set, I wanted to bring his name back to the blog. Here's an older jawn that holds up well today, although the Tiga remix outdoes the original quite a bit. The original isn't bad, it just seems to be too unfocused and not bass-y or filthy enough. I mean, the fucking song is called "Big and Dirty" and the Martini Bros. have a dude rapping about "Big and dirty is how they like it" and they insist on putting in some airy, synth sounds and sucking the urgency and sex out of the song.

Tiga knows what's up, as this one is right in his wheelhouse. Anyone who has heard Sexor (and who hasn't? Ahem) should know that he does dirty and filthy well. The remix strips the song down to its bass and drums bones and drops out most of the rapping, leaving us with a dirty house banger, ready for the clubs. Highly recommended.

There aren't a lot of events that I consider must-attend. NYC tonight has one such event. Tiga , the Montreal house producer/DJ, spins at Hiro Ballroom tonight, a very rare chance to hear the man spin this year, especially in the US. I almost wanna take the bus up, but I'm gonna leave it up to everyone else to do this up big and let us know how it goes.

-Oh, don't forget this Hiro Ballroom jawn is the official after-party for the Ladytron/CSS show at Webster Hall earlier in the night, the second of two shows

-Chris Devlin, Spank Rock's DJ, spins at the Walnut Room in Philly with Issac Jordan

-Also in the 215, Mates of State at the Church tonight, Sufjan Stevens at the Tower Theater (three nights at Town Hall in NYC starting tomorrow night)

-A great editorial by Harold Myerson on the "moderate" Republican scam of people like Lincoln Chafee. This is a must-read for those idiotic liberals and progressives who think John McCain is a savior.


Shane said...

i fucking love tiga. ya just wanted
to say that. havent been on much due
to work now :( anyway keep it up!

amir_uk said...

Yo jack - can't click on the Martini Bros links. Would love to hear this...

Dimitry said...

yo, TIGA did kill it...the line was around the fucking block. it was a goodnight.