Sunday, September 10, 2006

Peech Boys

Peech Boys, "Don't Make Me Wait (extended version)"

Peech Boys, "Don't Make Me Wait (original 12" dub mix)"

In honor of last night, I wanted to up some classic 70s disco, Loft shit, as the whole scene at Medusa reminded me of those halcyon days of dancing, sweat and music, in some hidden, basment space smaller than your apartment.

Peech Boys are essential for anyone interested in this period of music, produced by the legendary DJ Larry Levan of Paradise Garage. Listen to "Don't Make Me Wait" and you will hear the blueprint for James Murphy and DFA stable - hand claps, throbbing bass,

-One word to describe last night at Medusa: Holy fucking shit!!!! It was amazing, filthy, debaucherous, everything I could have hoped for and more. I got there on the early side, right around 10, with an already decent sized crowd. Within an hour, it wss completely packed and the place was going nuts. Dave P destroyed (his sense of timing is impeccable), the MSTRKRFT boys did the same. Almost completely vocal-less dance music all night, mostly newer ish, with the occasional look back. Much more on the house, electro side of things, people did not stop dancing until 2 am when the lights went on.

-Philly, can't stop, won't stop. Tittsworth at the Walnut Room, Baltimore invades our fair city, armed with lots of bass. Yeah!

-NYC, Fashion Week starts off tonight with a bang, as Return to New York is bringing some serious names back to spin and play. Arthur Baker, Larry Tee, Junior Sanchez and Tommie Sunshine are some of the DJs, Foreign Islands playing live and John Robie, early electro pioneer, is too. Wow, way too good for the crowd I expect to attend at Happy Ending. But, fuck it, models can get buck, get wild too, plus the drugs should be amazing.

-Great Eagles game today, the defense and offense both looked solid. Not great yet, but I definitely see both sides getting to that level in a few games. I'm not doing fantasy football this season, as I wanted to save the money and protest the fact that I still haven't received all of my money for winning the league last year. It's kinda sad, as I miss refreshing some random game to see if my RB gained a few yards or no. But, I'm gonna try to put that money to better use (more to come on that soon) and stay focused on bigger things. Good luck to everyone with their teams.


Stewart said...

Nice choice, a great track.

Anonymous said...

2am? Lights on? huh? Thats so EARLY! (great blog btw, I read it all the time)

Anonymous said...

unfortunately there are some big glitches in the first track. great songy anyway, though.