Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Switch - A Bit Patchy


Switch, "A Bit Patchy (original) (re-edit)

Switch, "A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz remix)"

Switch, "A Bit Patchy (Riffs and Rays remix)"

Switch, "A Bit Patchy (Groovecutters remix)"

Here's a huge dance track from early this year, although I believe that it's been played out since 2005. Switch is the alias of Dave Taylor, one of the most talented people working in house music today. The original re-edit is the winner here, an absolutely sick track that redoes the Apache break. That's right, another reworking of The Incredible Bongo Band's "Apache" song. But, don't fear, this one is as inspired as anything that's ever built off of that song. Switch turns this into a dirty house track, with pounding drums, fuzzy bass and a sampled vocal. It just makes you wanna go loony and jump and dance around, seems perfect for optimal dancefloor madness.

The remixes just don't make it to the same heights, which wasn't going to be easy. Eric Prydz tones this down, turning it into something more for the grown and sexy set than the party kids. He softens the original, giving a more full bass and a less chopped-up sound. Not too bad. Both the Riffs and Rays and Groovecutters remixes bring the original to the disco, adding horns, a 4/4 beat, a more uplifting sound in general. For my ears, no one tops Switch here. More to come from Dave Taylor, a pivotal name in dance music.

-R.I.P. Steve Irwin. Not sure why this was so shocking, I guess you figure dude can't get hurt after so many encounters with animals. For real, people, don't fuck with stings rays, those bols are relatives of sharks, motherfuckers, so you know they mean business.

-So great checking in today and see 6 comments waiting for me!!!! Yeah yeah yeah, I cannot tell you how much I love hearing from everyone, puts a smile on my face. I've been trying to finish up something, we'll return to more consistent posting soon.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these delicious Switch mixes. Everything he remixes just rawks.

fyi - Hanka/iPopped on blogspot also posted some excellent Switch remixes of Kelis and Spank Rock.

Thanks for the great blog and the great tunes. Cheers!

Alexis said...

Yep, yep...I dig. :)
Keep up the lovely blogging, my friend. You always put up great tracks...these ones pwn.

slutty fringe said...

Wait for the Sinden & A. brucker "A Bit Pitchy' remix of this

thats the hot sauce

Dave Taylor fans should chek the induceve stuff - thats him and jesse rose