Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Tom Vek - Nothing But Green Lights

Tom Vek, "Nothing But Green Lights"

Tom Vek, "Nothing But Green Lights (Digitalism remix)"

It's been too long since we've taken a look at something come off of the Kitsune label of Paris. I can't think of a better way to break that silence than with this Tom Vek 12" single, featuring one of the best tracks from his album We Are The Sound and a Digitalism remix. The original is a great intro to Vek and his sound, as he has what can be described as a electro-soul thing going on. Here, it's

The Digitalism remix is dope, real dope. It basically takes the soul angle out and replaces it with nothing. Listen and you won't believe how minimalist this sounds, how stripped down the track becomes. It's definitely my favorite, although I'm not sure that this one could make it on the dancefloor.

-Following up on that speech, I had to highlight this Keith Olbermann comment from his MSNBC news program, which followed up on Clinton's interview on Fox News. The fucking ending, when he looks at the camera and says, "Are yours the actions of a true American?" is just plain gully. Who's next? Who else will stand up and fight back? Democrats? Journalist? We're waiting.

-Shit, mang, you're bol is getting all political and committed and cause-related now. Last night, I attended the bi-weekly meeting of NABR, the organization established to stop the establishment of casinos in Philadelphia. I don't have enough space to discuss all the atrocities behind this legislation or how bad this will be for the city. Please join up on their myspace page. Check out their website and sign up for the email listserve there. Look for a post in the next few days about the online urban journal/zine that I mentioned before. It's time for that to begin, as I have too much to say about my cities. Get in touch if any of this interests you, please.

-I will be in one of my favorite cities again this afternoon, New York City, although I'll be up and back before you can say Chinatown bus. For the record, I am not checking out this place.

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