Monday, September 25, 2006

Air - Alpha Beta Gaga

Air, "Alpha Beta Gaga"

Air, "Alpha Beta Gaga (Jackson remix)"

Air, "Alpha Beta Gaga (Mark Ronson vocal remix)"

I'm feeling in a good mood and wanted to extend that to everyone in an attempt to overcome those cases of the Mondays. This song always puts me in a good mood, no matter what. Hell, Air is kinda made for those moments of blissful happiness, aren't they? They really do reprsent the opposite end of the spectrum to the music I have been critiquing recently, a ephermeral, quasi romantic group that offers none of the brutal machine music or offensive lyrics.

Here's one of my favorite Air songs, "Alpha Beta Gaga" off of Talkie Walkie. It's got the wonderful flute-sound melody, a nice relaxed pace and a beautiful, lushness that one expects from the Parisian duo. The real heat, though, is the Mark Ronson vocal remix, featuring Rhymesayer. Everyone knows my disdain for backpackers and their hip-hop, but this one just kills. Ronson ups the tempo to nice effect, gives it more of a bottom end and turns this one into an even better song. It's got that older, party vibe to it, with the whistling and hands in the air lyrics and general upbeatness. Yeah!

-One reason I am feeling so good is that I had a chance to watch the Fox News Clinton interview that aired last night. Bubba fucking destroys this moron Chris Wallace (how he could be the son of Mike Wallace, I'll never know), when Wallace ambushes with some canned right-wing lie about Clinton being responsible for 9/11. This one is for all the people who have been waiting for someone to stand up to the right wing smear merchants, cowards and liars. It's a thing of fucking beauty, for really real, watch it now.

-As always, Philly runs NYC. Tonight, catch Low Budget and Dan the Swede destroying Sway. This one makes me kinda sad, not just that I'm not gonna be there. Monday night at Sway was the first party I went to in NYC last Fall, it holds some special memories. It definitely feels like the place MC and I first got comfortable going out in NYC, a nice safe spot for two Philly transplants. It's sad to think about the cool events there with her, from seeing Disco D spin for the first time to the Philly night with Low B and Cosmo Baker to meeting CN for the first time. I cannot recommend this party more highly, as Roxy Cottontail has put together one of NYC's best weeklies here.

-Despite the emo stuff above, I'm feeling very good and rested and thoughtful after this weekend. It was a great chance to reflect and expand on some of the thoughts I've been having these past few months. I'm excited to be back writing here, as I have so much good music to share. You can expect to see some more Miami bass and ghettotech, Forward Russia, some Philly DJ remixes, either Dylan or Lily Allen album review and a few surprises. For real, we're gonna be on some blastoff shit, through the ozone, yahear?

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k said...

There is a version of this track with Rhymefest on the rhyme. Hit me up if you want to check it out. Its crazy how close our music tastes are going.