Friday, September 29, 2006

Portugal the Man - How The Leopard Got Its Spots

Portugal the Man, "How The Leopard Got Its Spots"

Portugal the Man, "How The Leopard Got Its Spots (Blake Miller remix)"

Oooh boy, this song is real nice. It comes from the relatively unknown Portugal the Man, an indie rock band straight off the mean streets of Alaska that should be getting some of that blog hype that far more undeserving bands reap. This song, "How The Leopard Got Its Spots," comes off their debut release, Waiter You Vultures.

The remix comes from Blake Miller, lead singer for LA based band Moving Units. The remix is even better than the original, a great indie dance track complete with emotional vocals, nicely repeated throughout. The drums sound phenomenal, make this more dancefloor ready, should be perfect for any one willing to take a chance or looking to impress some cute girls with assymetrical hair and ironic tube tops. I fit into both categories, for the record.

This song was sent to me by one of NYC's best DJs, DJ Never Forget. If you are reading this between 7 and 9 pm, head to Little Radio and download his radio show RIGHT NOW (click on Tune In Now). Finger On The Pulse Radio is an amazing two hour broadcast, a great chance to hear some of the newest shit, some older gems, all spun by a great DJ with special guests (most weeks). I have it on good word that bol might be working on a new mix and testing it out tonight. What's that? You haven't heard his other mixes? Check out his Going to Work mix now, which I've been hyping a lot lately.

-White Lightning! at Home Sweet Home tonight with Lauren Flax, Sleazemore and DJ Dara doing an old school rave set!!!!!!!!! Night Time at Don Hill's with Tim Sweeney and live performances by Chromatics and Glass Candy. DirtyDownNYC in the basement at Lit with Certified Bananas, San Serac and DJ Morgan Lewis. Cot damn, NYC, big fucking night.

-Cool concert at Irving Plaza tonight as well, a benefit for the Creative Commons featuring Mike Patton's Peeping Tom and DJ sets by Pound for Pound favs Diplo and Girl Talk.

-Philly, sorry but I've had a traumatic end of the week and will not be doing anything. As always, in such cases, check out my boys at fiftyone:fiftyone for what's good in the most good city in the world.


Alexis said...

Ooh! I heard about them a few months back and I must agree that PTM is amazing...I'm astounded that more people don't know about them, as they're tremendously unique. I love the post-punkishness of this song especially, though the entire album is great.

pik said...

i wonder if i should go to their show tonite. don't know them yet..

waaaah. worse ways to waste that money. so head in :D