Friday, September 22, 2006

Friday Night Madness

Okay, I had to write one quick reminder to my people, as there is so much going on no matter where you are in the US of A.

-Philly, you have nowhere to be but the Trocadero for Spank Rock, Rod Lee, Plastic Little and many more. Mayhem, insanity, epic. It's that simple, do not miss this night.

-NYC, get your ass to Williamsburg and attend the latest edition of Finger on the Pulse at Royal Oak. DJ Never Forget and will get all the skinny jeans kids dancing, as

-Finally, for those on the opposite of the country, thanks to my girl Z, head to the TV On the Radio in-store at Amoeba at 6 and Phoenix at the Wiltern later. More to come from her helpful listings, but that covers you for tonight.

Have fun out there this weekend, live it up for me, dance, drink, kiss, hug, love, support your local parties, DJs and clubs.

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