Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bay Heat - Federation

Federation, "18 Dummy"

Federation feat. E-40, "Stunna Shades"

This is gonna be a quick post, as I'm heading up to New York City shortly to see an apartment. It's been a minute since we dropped some Bay Area heat, so we needed to remedy that immediately. These are not the newest shit, but until I find a source for that, it'll have to do. Federation might be the definining group in the hyphy scene, dropping some of the best known tracks and coining a lot of the terminology (or at least making songs using that). The sickness here is "18 Dummy," a thundering track that kills, kills, kills. I especially love the computerized voice that drops the "18 Dummy" refrain, it gives the whole song a sort of futuristic feel. Dig the massive bass, as it wouldn't be out of place on some grime track on the pirates or coming from a DJ Scud track or something. Yeah!

"Stunna Shades" ain't too shabby either, dropping the instrumental for Corey Hart's dope "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night," giving a nice 80s, keyboard sound. E-40 guests, nothing too exceptional from anyone. It's good, but I wouldn't say it's amazing. Mr. Pilly Wonk of Nation of Thizzlam had even more ambiguity, getting sick of the hyphy gimmicks. For those of us not as knowledgable of the scene, it works better. Give it a listen, more Bay comin'.

-I asked the West Coast to step it up and it looks like they did. Tonight in LA, the first night of the Radio Soulwax tour kicks off with 2 Many DJs, Soulwax, Dave P and JDH. It's going to down at The Vanguard and would seem pretty essential for anyone within range.

-Keep your fingers crossed on this apartment I'm seeing tonight; if you know of something available, are looking for a roomate or have a friend searching, please holler. I finally feel like I can move and make the city my own and not feel like I will be haunted or unable to go out in certain areas and whatnot. For the first time in a long time, I feel good.

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k said...

damn the federation is so fresh right now. nice one jack. check out b.cause's blend of if i had a gun on his myspace []its dope as hell. keep up the great work.