Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dylan Sunday - Theme Time Radio Hour #8

Bob Dylan, Theme Time Radio Hour #8 (Weddings)

Here's the latest episode of Bob Dylan's XM Radio show, Theme Time Radio Hour. This week's topic should be familiar to anyone in their mid-to-late 20s, when weddings seem to happen constantly and one is always buying a gift. I don't know about any of this since I am in my early 20s, but I've heard the horror stories.

For those of us who are single, weddings are an even worse experience, a time to contemplate your own loneliness and the seemingly impossible odds that you will ever find the right person. All while being herded to that wonderful ghetto table of the lonely and desperate, put together like some petri dish, as everyone waits to see the effects of alcohol and loneliness on the single guests.

I never thought that I would get married, always considered it an archaic concept (oh, to be young and Marxist again), later just associated it with the bad marriages I saw around me. As I've gotten older, I've come to realize what a beautiful concept it could be, for those who truly commit to it and their partner. I'm content with that huge shift, will begin worrying about finding said partner in a few months or so. At that time, I will circulate a questionaire for potential spouses, asking the important questions like income, education, bra size, dowry, tolerance for neurotic, self-absorbed, self-loathing, cold, distant, hostile men, importance of sexual pleasure, their acceptance of sexual disappointment. The basics, really, we'll take it from there. Stay tuned.


eo said...

all this marriage talk is really making me hungry.

wildflower seed said...

This should be an amazing theme for Bob to explore. Will download this evening and listen with care. By the way, there was one themed on "Fathers" that I seem to have missed. Did you already post that? Perhaps you skipped it. Anyway, thanks for this one!