Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Presets - Girl and the Sea

[Music will be up later, get out and hit up some of these events]

The Presets, "Girl and the Sea (album version)"

The Presets, "Girl and the Sea (Goodwill edit)"

The Presets, "Girl and the Sea (Captain Comatose remix)"

The Presets, "Girl and the Sea (Cut Copy remix)"

We've talked about these guys, The Presets, recently, feel like they are one of the more exciting bands out there at the moment. Soooo, time to drop another of their singles with remixes, "Girl and the Sea."

The Presets are playing tonight at the Khyber, super cheap, not to be missed show at one of the best venues in the city. Best of all, you can walk right upstairs for my girl JG's Driz Horse night. Special guest DJ Dave P, making this an unofficial afterparty or during-party or something. Indie kids, let me see your hands. Holler at your bol if you see him; finding a white guy with a beard and black framed glasses will be like shooting in barrell, unfortunately.

-Earlier in the night, make sure to catch Philly's own Joshua Marcus opening for the Grey Reverends at the Standard Tap in Northern Liberties. Josh is a member of Like Moving Insects, a local band that will get a lot more attention down the road, and an all-around good guy; he'll go on around 9 with his bluegrass-y, acoustic tunes. I will be in attendance, curious to see how music goes down at one of the city's best restaurant/bars.

-51:51, as always, have more on what's going down. DJ Krush at Fluid in Philly, Curtis Vodka in New York City with Catchdubs. Party's at that crazy hotel on Rivington, THOR, which always seemed like a sanctuary for lost investment bankers and Eurotrash. I'd gladly attend either, but you know how I love me some indie girls.

-Oh, and since this month is all about feeling good, I just wanted to let everyone know that we broke 3000 visitors in one day for the first time yesterday! Definitely another goal that I've had in mind, another goal achieved. The grind don't stop, bigger things in store.


k said...

The Presets are awesome. Mod. People is a fantastic label. 3000 visitors isn't too shabby either! Grats dude.

Alexis said...

I can solely credit you for getting me into this band. The Presets are fantastic and I do plan on seeing them soon; kudos friend. Love the tracks :)