Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Cybotron - Clear

Cybotron, "Clear"

Cybotron, "Industrial Lies"

Well, my appointment to see a place in Williamsburg was cancelled. What does this mean? It means that I am so filled with frustration that I'm gonna burst. Something's got to give. I'm living at home, I'm dealing with my dysfunctional family, I'm in love with a girl who won't talk to me, I've got all female friends, I'm drinking enough caffeine on a daily basis to kill a horse. Something has to give! What else does this mean? It means that you get extra posts today and this week, as I get to write, write, write.

What gets me out of a pissy mood the fastest? You guessed it, electro!!!! And this is one of the all-time, stop before you pass Go if you do not own this, essential singles, "Clear." Cybotron was the duo featuring Detroit techno legend Juan Atkins before he was that Juan Atkins and Rick Davis. This jawn helped define the nascent electro sound, that brilliant noise of drum machines, breakbeats, vocodered vocals, filthy bass lines and madness. Oh my Lord, you need this in your life. To make it all the more worthwhile, DJs, both songs are at 320 bit rate, which means that you need to add them to your set. In fact, if you know I am coming, it's damn near necessary.

Don't sleep on the B-side, "Industrial Lies," by the way. Great piano intro, political lyrics perfect for today, a great precursor to the later Underground Resistance, Detroit techno ish, guitar solo straight out of a hair metal greatest hits CD. Yeah!

-I've been meaning to hype one of my favorite blogs going, Papeuss. Bol has almost identical taste in music as Pound for Pound, has always contributed great comments here and is French. What more could you want?

-In the spirit of my recent efforts to move on and grow up, I'm announcing here first that I'll be selling my sneaker collection in the near future, figured that I'd give my dear readers the first chance to get some kicks. DS Jedis, DS Splatters, DS Tiffanys, NDS Portland AF1s. Once those are gone and I see what kind of money came in, there might be some worn and NDS OG Dunk his, DS mid 90s AF1s (when the leather was buttery and yummy). Oh, before you get too excited fellas, these shoes are all sizes 12 to 13. That's right, big feet, know what I'm sayin'. Get at me with offers or else they end on eBay.


Anonymous said...

links not workin?

Jack said...

Sorry everyone, ezarchive has been down for the past few hours, which means no downloading or uploading.

I hope this will be corrected soon, as we're bringing the heat in the next post. Check back in a bit, let us know if the links are working again.

Papeuss said...

Thanks for the comment about my blog. I gonna change to next month I think and I'll put more songs to download and also a little summary of the article in english.