Monday, April 23, 2007

Theo Parrish - Ugly Edits 9

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Etta James, "In The Basement (Theo Parrish re-edit)"
(YSI link)

Mandrill, "Feeling Good (Theo Parrish re-edit)" (YSI link)

I know that everyone on the East Coast is still a little bit hesitant to revel in the weather, as our cynical asses are waiting for the next rainstorm or cold day to come through. But, it's absolutely beautiful out today, the birds are singing near my window, the Phillies have actually won more than one game in a row. Things are beautiful.

Since they are, let's put up some beautiful, soulful music, the kind of stuff that you need to play for your loved one while you lay in bed on a sunny May morning or rock on your iPod while you walk around your city (suburbanites, no good music for you, sorry!) and feel the city coming alive again. While I've been listening to a ton of disco lately, I wanted to put up something more recent that has the disco spirit. Is there any more perfect choice than the Ugly Edits series by the one and only Theo Parrish? The answer is no, as I'm positive you'll agree with me after one listen. For those that don't know, Parrish put out a 10 volume, vinyl only re-edit series, taking classic disco, soul and funk tracks and giving them his own personal take. They were pressed in limited editions (250 per volume, I believe), white label stuff, instant classics, which have had 2 bootleg versions subsequently come out. In other words, these are rare as a good steak.

I don't even want to say too much about these tracks, other than these should make you feel better about yourself and the world. Parrish turns the Etta James track into a slow burner, which comes to an amazing peak with James singing about it going down in the basement. If it doesn't give you chills, you just might be dead.

-Go out tonight and enjoy the love vibe. Genre goes down at Cinespace as usual, but this one's an extra special version. Pound for Pound favorites Guns 'n' Bombs and Richie Panic (foreshadowing) are guests tonight, joining residents Luv Tek and S!n for a night of electro, indie dance, booty and re-edits galore. So necessary.

-Get Famous LA! No seriously, go to Get Famous, the weekly jawn at Boa Lounge (8462 W. Sunset Blvd) that covers all the good music you find here. Tonight, resident DJ High Speed Dub brings in more LA Pound for Pound favorites, Keith 2.0 and Dirty Dave. Photos by Shadowscene, hosted by Tara Laura, it's a party.

-It doesn't seem like there's much going on elsewhere, so take the night to walk around or hang out with friends and family and sit out on your stoop.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant stuff!
I also heard the ugly edit of Jill Scott's "Slowly Surely". What are the others?

kali said...

hello ! I know is lately, but I've lost links for the theo parrish stuff!!.. I really need that, can you re-up ? Thanks in advance!