Sunday, April 01, 2007

The Presets - Down Down Down

The Presets, "Down Down Down (Digitalism remix)" (YSI link)

The Presets, "Down Down Down (Midnight Juggernauts remix)" (YSI link)

The Presets really should be huge. They've simply blown me away every single time I've seen them play live, including this most recent one at Hiro Ballroom Thursday night. What's amazing is that their album has been out since 2005, yet it still sounds as fresh and exciting today. I think what makes them so exceptional is the darkness to their music, there's something a little edgy and creepy about them. It's hard to do that and make club hits, but they come about as close as you can.

Here's another single off that album, "Down Down Down," which hasn't gotten as much attention as "Are You The One?" But, it's another dark-edged, indie dance banger, complete with remixes. Everyone's favorite, Digitalism, does one rework. At first listen, I really didn't like it. I'm not sure what it was, but it didn't do much for me. But over time, it's grown on me, could even see this one going over well in the club. It's turned up the rock side of the equation, bringing a loud, rawk sound that almost makes you want to headbang. Almost. Check the drums on this one, as they are huge, like a rock drummer just banging the shit out of his kit, sweat flying off, crowd going crazy. What holds it all together is the massive bass line that never lets up. I didn't know much about the Midnight Juggernauts until I came across their remix here, but we'll have more to come on them. Anyway, this one leans towards the dance end of the indie/dance divide. It's much more minimal approach compared to Digitialism, but it may work better. I love love love the shimmering keys that come in around the midway point, they are just so beautiful. I'm gonna call this one the winner, but as always, you decide what you think.

Okay, make sure to cop their album, Beams, immediately, as no self-respecting music fan should be without it. Or go here and grab a t-shirt along with the album. Catch them on tour in Europe, including a massive London party this Thursday at Scala that also features Metronomy, South Central, The Teenagers, Kissy Sell Out and others.

-LA's Le Disko moves to its new location tonight. The party is making The Spider Club (1735 Vine St.) home from now on. It's right above Avalon and it clearly has the good sense to welcome one of the best indie dance weeklies going. Special guests tonight are Royal Rumble and Steven(n), who join the regular crew of Daniel, Paparazzi, Keith 2.0 and Mr White. New spot, same good times. Do this LA, support some of your city's best.

-Also in Cali, Dance Remix Dance Electro Dance Mayhem takes the cake for best and longest name. DJ S!n and Luv Tek will be spinning at this Era Disco jawn, dropping electro and dance bangers all night (in case the name didn't let you in on that secret) at 3252 Mission Inn in Riverside.

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Devon said...

Thanks for blogging on The Presets. Glad you got a chance to check them out @ Hiro on Thursday. I wanted to go, but Advanced ran out and day-of tickets were crazy expensive. I saw the pics on NickyDigital and looks like Kim is sporting a beard now :-)

I've seen them 4 times (last time @ Galapagos in BK). Always a great show.

I saw you went to the Boys Noize/Para One show. i was there a blogged about it on my site

Keep up the good work on your blog. And thanks for representing the LA scene as well (I'm originally from there) :)