Friday, April 13, 2007

Klanguage - All This Time/Priceless Things EP

Klanguage, "All This Time"
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Klanguage, "Priceless Things"
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Ugh, it's been a shitty week, as I just got sicker and sicker as the days went by. I figured that it would be best that i not post in such a delerium, just in case I posted up some Nickelback and lost all my hard-earned hipster cred. But, we're getting back into the swing of things and it's going to get real fun in here over the coming week. What does that mean? It means lots of new dance remixes, old electro and bass, oblique and pathetic references to my ex girlfriend, pleas to Scarlett Johansson, condescending talk about suburbanites and Republicans, party fliers galore, clothing and sneaker links and boobs. In other words, pretty much the same stuff. But extra strength!

There's nothing that makes me feel better after being sick than some French electro-pop. Klanguage fits the bill perfectly. G-d I love this band and its sound. They've just got this sexy sound, especially on the tracks above, electro-fied indie, with female vocals that I love love love. "All This Time" is my favorite, a nice uptempo song that has more of a rock feel. Strike that, it's perfectly balanced between the electronic and rock sides. Listen to that huge farting bass, yes indeed. But, it's the rock elements that take this over the top, from the rock drumming to the guitar hook that comes in with the refrain. Awesome stuff. "Priceless Things" has a little more of a punk edge to it, with kinda screaming out the refrain. Again, another great, quick hitting song, definitely this band has a bright future. Grab their only CD, which we'll take a look at down the road.

-Lordy, lordy, there is almost too much going on tonight and this weekend. I'm giving top billing to a San Fran happening, as Sleazmore celebrates his bday in style. Check out this one - DJ sets by In Flagranti, Acid Girls and A Touch of Class (that's the secret guest). It all goes at 222 Club (222 Hyde @ Turk), you can't miss this one. Happy birthday Sleazemore!

-You know what, let's go with co-headliners, as my bol David Bruno's People Don't Dance No More party, which hits Element (Houston & Essex) again tonight. This party is gaining momentum, all because of the amazing work that Bruno of Slap You In Public and Robot Blair of Music for Robots have put in. They're bringing great DJs and great dance music to an amazing venue. Tonight, it's a Berlin vs NYC contest, as DJ Kaos (Kitsune) and Escort guest DJ. $10 advance, that's nothing for this kinda of talent and the chance to avoid the horrible, horrible LES bars nearby.

-Another one of my favorites, DJ Tiny Pants, is going to be spinning at Sutra (16 1st Ave) to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of Love Brigade, everyone's favorite Brooklyn clothing people. Love! Dance Party! Yeah!

-Ahh, always nice to hype a new party with some new talent. Dirty Mouth fits the bill, as DJ Chris Hires and host Rachel Leigh have started up a new party at a new (to me) spot in the East Village called Kion Lounge (509 E. 6th St.) There will be lots of good music spun tonight. How do I know? Because I get to hear Hires spin every night as he's my roomate. I'll be there, you should too.

-Speaking of youngbloods, make sure to check out another great newish party, The Pull-Out Method. This one's for my indie kids. Live bands, rock DJs, beer. Get to Club Midway (25 Ave B @ 3rd St), show some support to more kids trying to help you have a good time.

-Holy shit, a White Lightning! flier! That alone had me so excited, but check out the guests joining Ms. Lauren Flax - Jacques Renault, Justin Miller from DFA and Eamon Harkin. Get yourself to Home Sweet Home (121 Chrystie St.) at some point, show respect to one of the best weeklies in this city.

-Stop over to The Anchor (310 Spring St.) where Project Matt and Jensrocker are doing their Friday night thing in Soho. It's a Funtime Friday!

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-Finally, on the NYC front, the Orchard Bar is reopening tonight and Stretch Armstrong and the White Dove ladies are providing the soundtrack for the night. Please, oh please, let this bar not be overrun by the douchebags who are killing that neighborhood.


-Brooklyn, did you think I forgot about you? Of course not. Two great events for those who don't want to cross the river. Finger On The Pulse are back! Yeah! Check the flier below, as it's going to be a busy month for the bros. Tonight, get to Capone's in Williamsburg and

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-Further north in Greenpoint, Fixed goes off. I mean, it goes off! Klaxons, Surkin (!!!!) and Bonde do Role live, Dave P and JDH spin. This would have been event of the night material, except that the Making Time tomorrow is even more massive and Philly always beats out NYC.

-I saved the best city for last. Oh, Philly, how I miss you. It's good to know that y'all don't miss me as the good stuff keeps on coming. Hit up Upstairs at Sal's for Open Fire, the monthly Seclusiasis jawn. This is a special one, as it's commemorating the release of dev79's new mix, Street Anthems (more to come on this). $2 rockstar and vodkas, be careful on that people.

-Finally, lots of favorites are going to be at tonight's Hands and Knees at the M Room (Frankford and Girard). Of course, you already know all about John Redden and Ian St. Laurent, the H&K dudes. They're joined by Guns 'n' Bombs from LA tonight, this should just be a massive dance party. For real Philly people, you need to be at this one tonight. Jonny

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