Sunday, April 29, 2007

DJ Paul V. - All-Coachella Smash Mix

DJ Paul V., All-Coachella Smash mix

The weekend has ended, which means that the massive Coachella festival has too. For those of us who weren't lucky enough to be there (or those who were and just wanna have a nice souvenir sitting on your iPod), here's my bol DJ Paul V.'s latest mix, All-Coachella Smash mix. It's 19 tracks at 17 minutes, featuring some of the artists from the night. It's another great mix by Paul and should remind everyone at just how much amazing talent was at the festival. I mean look at the names here - Bjork, LCD Soundsystem, Peter Bjorn and John, Junior Boys, etc. Damn look at the Saturday line-up alone (Justice, !!!, LCD, The Rapture, MSTRKRFT, my girl Regina Spektor, Busy P, DJ Mehdi, Arcade Fire...)

Let me also take this chance to remind everyone to tune into DJ Paul V's weekly radio show, Neon Noise on 103.1. It's a chance to hear this type of mix writ large, as Paul has three hours to drop the best dance tracks, remixes, classics, mash-ups that don't suck, that good stuff. Tune in 12-3 PST, let's hope that we can figure a way to get some of the shows posted here. Also, make sure to check out Paul's podcast blog, The Smash Mix!, where he throws up a new mini-mix every week.

-For those who aren't ready to let the Coachella weekend to die, head to one of the best weekly parties anywhere, LA's Le Disko. This is a special edition as the Le Disko bols take on the DJs from Club Moscow. Daniel, Paparazzi and Keith 2.0 host Raulie a.k.a. Mr. Sleep and Paul from the Wednesday weekly, this is gonna be a battle for the indie ages. Get to the Spider Club (1735 Vine St.) in Hollywood. FYI, more boxing related fliers, people. It's such a good look.

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-There's more post Coachella madness in Riverside, as the weekly Era party really goes off this week. It's the ATL's Le Castle Vania's birthday party and he'll be dropping a nasty set of disco and electro to honor his born day. You also get a set from the UK's Audiojack, his first US appearance. Of course, resident dudes DJ S!n and Luv Tek are there, holding down Sevila Nightclub all night. It's a discopunk rave, Dave!

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