Saturday, April 28, 2007

Mr. Andersonic

Mr. Andersonic, "What" (YSI link)

Mr. Andersonic, "Backdoor Breakthru"
(YSI link)

This is the 800th post at Pound for Pound, a kind of staggering number when I think about it. Over that time, I've been able to meet and hear a lot of great new talent and in the coming weeks and year, I really want to do a better job of shining the light on them and help get the word out. I'm talking about the people who don't hire PR firms to get buzz, you can go to the other blogs for that sort of payola. I'm talking about the grinders, getting their name out through hard work and talent.

Mr. Andersonic is the perfect artist to start with and celebrate, a dude who's been doing his thing for a decade. The time seems right for this dude to be your dude now too, it's time for all you fucking hype beasts to start hyping him. I was fortunate to have my bol Project Matt put me up on him a while back, allowing me to catch him spinning at the basement of Lit and hear these tracks above. Honestly, I assume that we were seperated at birth in some sort of Miami hospital, spending our first few days in a sound chamber that pumped in only 808 basslines.

His influences are immediately clear on the above songs - ghettotech, Miami bass, ghetto house, Baltimore club, i.e. the good stuff. These are all original productions, a sort of lo-fi booty music almost. "What" takes the familiar Lil Jon refrain, but adds in a monotone rap from MC White Ice that really works. It's over a nice Bmore club beat with effects, a little less than three minutes of destruction. My favorite, though, is "Backdoor Breakthru," which strays away from the influences more. It still has the drum machine sound, the electro bass and the obsession with backdoors. But, at over 6 minutes, it has room to breathe. Unlike most booty tracks, which are unrelenting, this one kinda of stretches out and plays with the sounds; there's an almost synth/keyboard solo in the middle like a prog band. Overall, it's got more of that early electro/proto rap sound, where being laid back didn't mean you couldn't keep people shaking their asses.

Andersonic has made his biggest impression in the club, doing his live sampler and syntheizer sets at some of the city's best parties - Cut, White Ligthtning!, Pay To Cum and many others. For those in New York City, I cannot recommend more highly that you get yourself to Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St.) tonight for Saturdazed. While Project Matt is trying to survive the hardships of Coachella - pool parties, daytime drinking and sun - Andersonic and Reverend McFly hold it down in the LES for real. You know i consider this to be one of the best weekly parties in NYC and there will be no let-up tonight.

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Yeah! This should be a definite stop for all of the downtown kids, a chance to hear this blog come to life. More importantly, for all of the party people out there, get at Mr. Andersonic and book this dude so that I can hype your party and hear booty tunes when I'm out and your party can be amazing and you can get hot girls to dance dirty and the world will be at peace. I expect huge things down the road for bol, so get on board now as we're not waiting anymore.

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