Monday, April 02, 2007

Bon Johnson - Slumber Party Massacre

Bon Johnson, "Slumber Party Massacre" (YSI link)

Bon Johnson, "Slumber Party Massacre (JY's Juicy Booby remix)" (YSI link)

Here's a track that really passed me by when it first came out a few years back. I'm not really one for the jokey shit, you know like the funny DJ name or joke track names. But, if you put out great house music, I guess that I'll gladly turn my back on my beliefs. Bon Johnson definitely give the finger to the whole serious, stoic dance music that we've all come to accept post-IDM. There's not a whole lot of info about the group, but it's a duo featuring Bonald Trump a.k.a. Bons and Matt Johnson a.k.a. Emjae. They're out of Boston, who are stealing back JC a.k.a. the young Joan Didion, but I can't hate them for that. They only have a few releases over the past few releases, hopefully there will be more activity in 2007.

"Slumber Party Massacre" is a great track, a house tune that has ghettotech aspirations at heart. The original version is the standout, a versatile sound that could please househeads and those who like their music filthy. It's got a bassline that will destroy the dancefloor, great synths and keys, but with a softer sound than the ghetto house one gives off. The lyrics are what make this a must-have, as a computerized voice raps about "Slumber party massacre, we like young girls tight." It's hard to believe thatthe Juicy Booby remix wouldn't be my favorite song of all-time, but perhaps I'm growing up. Or perhaps it's because this is just a song, not juicy boobies. Anyway, the JY here is Joey Youngman and he brings a more traditional house sound, 4 to the floor, more percussion, more keys. It's actually pretty good, just not something that I would probably come back to as much as the original.

-This is an LA-centric version tonight of Pound for Pound. Los Angelenos, go check out a special DJ set by the Ratatat bols tonight at Bent. It's at The Bar (5851 Sunset Blvd), which really needs to step its name game up. All of the residents DJs will be there, we'll have to keep our eye on this weekly.

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-Genre goes down at Cinespace (6356 Hollywood Blvd) tonight with DJ S!n and Luv Tek. Free before 11, if I'm not mistaken this is the one of the best spaces in LA,

-Finally, back on the other side of the country, LA's finest Franki Chan spins at Roxy Cottontail's Monday night jawn at Sway (305 Spring St.). He'll be joined by Turntable Lab's Egg Foo Young, there's also a Bud Select open bar til 11:30. It's good to have Mr. Chan back on the East Coast,

-Hey London, Franki will be in your wonderful city from April 22-26. If you would like to book him for a gig, get in touch with him ASAP and set something up. He's one of my favorites, so you know that the man is top-notch.


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Bon J. doing it for Boston. Keep up the good posts dude.

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hey. the links no longer work. can you repost them? I have been searching for this song for ages!!