Monday, April 16, 2007

Cousin Cole and Pocketknife - Tougher Than Featherz MiniMegaMix

Cousin Cole and Pocketknife, Minimegamix (mixed by Cousin Cole)
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I had originally planned on having this up last night, but I've been experiencing some technical difficulties. I still want to use the Sunday night slot for longer mixes, by DJs that I love and who are starting to get their name out. A perfect selection came into my inbox recently, as NYC DJ Cousin Cole sent this megamix he and Pocketknife put up in order to promote their new 12" single, the Tougher Than Featherz EP.

This megamix is soooo good. I actually first heard Cole spin with another of my favorites, the Finger On The Pulse boys. It was at Studio B and what I remember most was the fact that Cole played a bass/booty set in the middle of everything - I can't recall the exact songs, but I'm thinking some 2 Live Crew, "Tootsie Roll", some other goodies. It was so nice and refreshing and well-played, he kept the crowd dancing and right there and it was impressive. All of which is to say that this mix is rad and incorporates the same philosophy of spinning great music regardless of genre with skill and attention to the dancefloor.

This particular mix is intended to promote the newest EP from Cousin Cole and Pocketknife a.k.a. Flagrant Fowl. It's about 25 minutes long and features lots of re-edits. I'll put the tracklisting in the comments, for those who want to know exactly what they're hearing. Give it a listen once deafly, as there's lot of surprises, especially on song choices that get the dancefloor editing, including one of my all-time favorites. You also get a preview of what comes out on the EP, which gets us to the key point. Make sure to go and cop a copy of the Tougher Than Featherz EP. It's currently #4 on the Turntable Lab bestseller list, it's getting spun by Them Jeans, The Rub bols and others, so you know it's serious. Support some of young, up and coming talent. You can say you were on them when everyone's jocking them in a year. Much more to come on these guys, guaranteed.

Calling all DJs, the grinders, the bassheads, the ravers, electro fans, feel free to send along any mixes that you want the world to hear. I'm always looking to help get the word out about people doing good things, so get at me via email or myspace. Yeah!


Me said...

Tracklisting, pleeez o pleez??

Cousin Cole said...

Thanks for posting this!

Glad you liked the set at Studio B. See you there on the 28th.