Monday, April 23, 2007

Help Out Some Pound for Pound Favorites

Photo courtesy of Ryan Prouty

As I work on the next magical post, I wanted to take a moment to let you know a way for you to help out some of Pound for Pound's favorite people. First, head over to Urb's website and vote for Le Castle Vania in the Next 1000 poll. I've posted a few of LCV's tracks and remixes and consider him to be one of the most legit, exciting people working in dance music right now. Every vote counts and I know that y'all have the time to click over and show some support. Click on the fifth star under his name and show some love. Disco is the new disco!

Also, holler at my bol DJ Never Forget, who's got a new gig with Vice magazine and is looking for your best drinking stories for a future feature. Email and drop your favorite or most pathetic or grossest story that happened as a result of imbibing. Here's some suggestions from the Finger On The Pulse DJ himself: " The time you got drunk and ended up naked? Need it here. Did one to many tequila shots and could not find your apartment 4 blocks away? Please, tell me. Punched your mom and then cried about it? All ears. Broke your glasses, leg, heart, ect but did not find out till the next morning? Let me have it." Don't be shy or ashamed, as we've all done things we don't want to tell anyone, except a Vice mag writer. I am not sure they're ready for mine, hell I'm not ready for mine, as it's taken me a long time to bury those nights. The coolest thing of all is that the winning entries will be turned into illustrations for an upcoming issue of Vice.

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