Sunday, June 17, 2007

Le Disko vs iheartcomix and more

I can admit, I was an East Coast snob. Like Woody Allen in Annie Hall, I laughed at the idea of cool arts and music and parties in Los Angeles, the capital of the blockbuster and automobiles. It wasn't until I came across the Le Disko party that I realized what a pretentious ass I was. Daniel, Paparazzi and Keith 2.0 have put on a weekly Sunday night party that is as good as it gets. Dudes are playing great music, giving the kids a place to dance and look good and showing that LA is a place to reckon with. Tonight may be one of their best nights yet, as they welcome LA mogul and iheartcomix headman Franki Chan to battle it out. Oh, but that's not all. UK's Radioclit continue the US tour here tonight, making this an essential night. It goes down at The Spider Club at Avalon (1735 Vine St.) tonight and every Sunday, free before 11, giveaways, beautiful people, yeah!

-Further proof that LA is not to be taken lightly is DJ S!n and Luv Tek's Sunday night Club Era jawn in nearby Riverside at Sevilla Nightclub (3252 Mission Inn). These guys are both starting to make names for themselves, so get in on the ground floor and tell people you saw them back in the day. Pop, indie, electro, rap, it'll all happen, 18+. Oh, and LA parties, I love the super long fliers, it's your city's new calling card.

-Back East, in the greatest city on Earth, Philadelphia, Sal's on 12th (200 S. 12th St.) has put together a Sunday that is designed to start your week out on a bad, drunken foot. They're going to be doing a $10 open bar from 9-2, a shockingly amazing deal. Even better, Paradise at Key West's Mike T and Kyle M spin all night, allowing you the chance to get wasted to Kraftwerk and Giorgio Moroder. I once had a dream like that.

-Finally, I want to wish a Happy Father's Day to my Dad, my grandfather (RIP), all of the Dads and Grandads out there. Sadly, no one has wished me one, which is understandable since my little baby was taken from me. But, I'm still her father, g-ddammit! *single tear*


Spladow said...

happy father's day

Anonymous said...

Le disko is a quality club; era is like a bad version of it in the valley.