Friday, June 22, 2007

DJ Nevr Forget - Down and Out At The Rooftop Hang

DJ Never Forget, Down and Out At The Rooftop Hang

Awww man, this is exactly what I wanted right now, a DJ Never Forget mix. One of Pound for Pound's favorite DJs, Never Forget is one of the main men behind the Finger On The Pulse parties that have been saving Williamsburg nightlife for a few years now. He's the dance man of the duo, dropping the hot indie dance stuff, the remixes, the stuff that makes you go "Hmmm, that's a sick fucking song, what is it?"

I've been featuring my dude's mixes now for a minute and I can honestly say that each one is just that much better. I have a hard time believing that he's gonna be able to top this one, Down and Out At The Rooftop Hang. For real, no bullshit, I've been jamming this one for the past few days on like a loop, it's like that perfect summer slab of music, so many great tunes that will put a smile on your face and wanna dance with girls and boys all night, beers and kiddie pools and drunken fun in Bushwick. It starts off with a bang, a Sinden&CountOfMonteCristal/Blaqstarr mash-up that kills. From there, you get a nice upbeat first half, then some really nice slower tunes in the second half. What really makes this one stand out for me is the flirting with hip-hop, as you get Kid Sister with Kanye, Spank Rock and Amanda Blank, Blaqstarr. You still get the indie dance heat, but now there's a little bit of breaks and beats to really take it over the top. I'm hoping that this is a sign of things to come, I sure do like it.

Okay, for those of you in New York City, you can experience this mix live, as the Finger On The Pulse put on the second night of 2 Nights In The Basement in June at The Charleston (174 Bedford Ave.) That's right kids, Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, that horrible place you read about in Time Out and the New York Times. Where those evil hipsters are, ruining New York City one pair of skinny jeans and assymetrical haircut at a time. DJ Never Forget, Terry Diabolik and guest DJ Neighborhood are gonna help show you that this isn't such a bad place, bringing some of that dirty, lewd basement party vibe to the main drag.

For the rest of you, holler at my bol on myspace and thank him for the mix, promoters/DJs bring him to your city to make your party that much more awesome, . You should also make sure to check out the Finger On The Pulse page for their mash-ups and all of the latest party info, as there's where the magic happens. And of course, Pound for Pound will always make sure to let you know what's going down with DJNF and company.

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