Thursday, June 21, 2007

DJ Slugo Presents Jackmaster Charles - The Return of the Master

Jackmaster Charles (aka DJ Slugo), "Were Hungry" (YSI link)

Jackmaster Charles (aka DJ Slugo), "T-N-E Taris" (YSI link)

Jackmaster Charles (aka DJ Slugo), "Down Low"
(YSI link)

Okay, let's dig deeper into the Dance Mania catalogue, the Chicago label that defined the house music scene of that city. Here's another DJ Slugo jawn, this one under the alias of Jackmaster Charles. I have to say, that might be the gulliest alias ever. I mean, Jackmaster alone is sick, but to tag on the prosaic Charles. Yes please.

Anyway, The Return of the Master EP dropped in 1996 and is much more for the straight house heads, avoiding the more booty/ghetto side for the most part. You just get jackin' acid tracks on Side A, none of the vocals, call and responses, etc. Peep "Were Hungry" and "T-N-E Taris" to understand what I'm talking about. What sticks out for me most on these two tracks is the drums, so insistent and banging. Like, it's impossible for you not to start tapping your foot or nodding your head, despite the harshness of the sound. He also uses this sort of typewriter keys sound that provides this nice choppiness and allows for a nice change of pace. I've also included one of the more booty house tracks from the B side, "Down Low," a

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Anonymous said...

Seems interesting. I would have to listen to it myself :) I'm more into the whole DJ thing instead of the mainstream artists only 'cause the non-mainstreamers don't use vulger languages in their music nor do they try whatever it takes to make it big. Seems like they just do their own thing. Are you a DJ yourself? If you're really into music, you should check out the even that Yaris VS Yaris is throwing on the 28th of this month in Chicago @ the Alhambra Palace Restaurant. With performances by Dice Raw from the Roots & Truck North, it'll be pretty cool. It's going to be runnin from 7pm - 11pm and it's totally free. All you have to do is RSVP. Check out for more information. I know this because I work with them!