Friday, June 29, 2007

Lauren Flax! New Party! White Lightning Returns!

Lauren Flax, "Iceland" (YSI link)

I'm so psyched to put this up today, the newest original track by NYC DJ/producer/promoter, Ms. Lauren Flax. I've spoken of her many times here at Pound for Pound, not surprising since I consider her to be one of the best DJs in the country. Ridiculously, this is the first time I've posted some of her music; we'll be correcting this lapse of judgment over the next few weeks, starting with this beautiful, pastoraal electronic song, "Iceland." It's funny, when I first went to listen to this I was expecting something different, figuring the title was ironic or just working title or something. I expected more of the booty/house sounds that she spins. But, she totally confounds all of my expectations and I love love love it.

For those of you in New York City, it's your lucky night. White Lightning is making its return and reclaiming Friday nights downtown with its new party, Secrets, at its new spot, Orchard Bar (200 Orchard St.) This was one of the best dance music parties in the city and it's now finaally getting the digs it deserves. I caught the Modular Records party at this venue two weeks ago and it's such a nice spot. It's got a narrow bar at the front, but grab your drink and head to the back, where there's a huge dancefloor tucked away. This one's only gonna be gullier, as Flax is teaming up with my bol Project Matt and I couldn't be happier. There's gonna be a super secret live band performance, DJ Annalyze and Kim Ann Foxman will also spin. There's nowhere else to be NYC, go, get drunk, get buck, get laid, get a lesson on how great a party can be. See you there!

For the rest of you, head over to the lovely Ms Flax's myspace page to say hi, hear some more tunes, figure out where she'll be next spinning, peep her repping KMFDM to the fullest, add her as a friend, thank her for sharing her music. Keep coming back here, as we're gonna be do a lot more to highlight one of the rising stars of the game. Recognize game now, she's only gonna hustle harder.

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