Wednesday, June 13, 2007

DJ Milton - Trak Mania

Milton Berle loved booty house. His real name was Mendel Berlinger. Rest In Peace, Uncle Miltie.

DJ Milton, "Star Trek" (YSI link)

DJ Milton, "Birthday Girl" (YSI link)

DJ Milton, "Ow! Dat Dik" (YSI link)

Let's start with a bang. Jesus Christ, I'm not even sure y'all are ready for this one, like I feel like I should slowly bring you along. Nah, I know that I have the coolest, dopest readers in this whole stupid blogosphere, so I won't treat you like kids. DJ Milton's Trak Mania is a classic Dance Mania release, the legendary Chicago label that developed the Chicago and booty house sounds. Milton is one of those lesser-known names (I can't find one picture of the dude) who is pivotal in making any scene or sound or label great. He put out about 20 releases in the mid-90s and then...nothing.

Trak Mania is amazing, start to finish. Side A is more of the acid house shit, while Side B gives you the booty house sound. Opener "909 State" is a fucking acid monster, but I went with "Star Trek" so that you can catch that Dance Mania claps/kicks sound that was a trademark of their releases. Add in a kinda ominous synth line, a slowly increasing tempo and you have a amazing song. On the flip side, it gets even better. Two sick, minimalist booty house tracks, exactly what I want to hear right now. Check "Birthday Girl" especially, my favorite, an essential booty track.

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