Friday, June 22, 2007

Lauren Flax in Chicago, Another Night On Earth and more

Yeah, two of my favorites, Lauren Flax and Chicago, are together again. Ms. Flax is in the Windy City this weekend, spinning at various parties around town. Tonight you can catch her at the Debonair Social Club (1575 N. Milwaukee) for Fourth Fridays, where she joins resident Ryan Paradise. You also get a set by guest Heather Doble, I'm gonna guarantee a night of great dance music. That's it. You need to take care of the rest, Chicagoans, so bring your A game, be happy, socialable, put your dancing shoes on, be ready to turn this night into a great night. Lauren Flax is there! She's gonna be in Chicago for one more party this Sunday, show her that famous Midwest love! Oh, come back next week as we will be doing a few Flax-centric posts, lots of big moves going on with our girl. Yeah!

-More Pound for Pound favorites! Philadelphia, Crimp Yr Hair DJs, Fishtown, Another Night On Earth! This is the newish bimonthly Friday night jawn at The M Room (Frankford and Girard), thrown by DJ Solobuns of Sal's fame. He's bringing in one of my favorite DJ crews, the Crimp Yr Hair bols for a night of indie dance and freestyle 80s jams, so much fun. Do not miss this one Philly, $5, open bar til 11, so good. Phenomenal flier too, btw.

-Out in San Fran, Lights Down Low keeps on truckin'. Eh, San Fran, Grateful Dead reference, I'm stepping my game up kids. So is that kid, DJ Sleazemore, as he's taking his weekly party at the 222 Club (222 Hyde and Turk) up to the next level. Tonight, he joins forces with's Rchrd Oh!? and guest DJ UFO! to bring you sick, twisted filthy dance music. Oooh, but even better, there's a special live performance by Juiceboxxx, the rapper putting Milwaukee on the map. Seriously. Dude is amazing live, have seen him a few times in NYC, has opened for Spank Rock. This is going to be an epic night in the Yay Area.

-Down the coast, LA's Club 82 Calling all DJs has a big night in store, like a serious party. Lady Sovereign is doing a special set there, as the midget continues to grind on. That's not all, you also get a DJ set by Sov's DJ, Frampster, and another live show by Trouble. Oh, but there's even more, as La's best Djs are in the house too, like Daniel & Keith 2.0 from Le Disko and Dirty Dave and Anne Lee from Blow Up. Get yourself to Avalon Hollywood (1735 Vine), this is all only $5 before 11, $10 after.

-Finally, in New York City, the new LA, GBH puts on a pretty dope night at a Meatpacking club. I know that sounds impossible, but peep game. They've invited The Rub DJs to hold down the upstairs in a rotation, with DJ Eleven starring tonight. Downstairs is for you rock kids as Michael T and Melody Nelson do the Loaded Rock'n'Roll Disco Party in the lounge. It's at Lotus (409 W. 14th St.), spend the night with the beautiful and the vapid.

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