Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blow Up LA 2 Year Anniv., Carl Craig and more

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It's a really big night in LA, as one of the city's best parties, Blow Up LA, turns one year old. It seems like just yesterday that it was only zero years old. Mang, are they throwing a fucking birthday party for themselves? One of my favorite DJs/producers is headlining in the person of Le Castle Vania. LA, hyou might not be ready

-Okay, NYC, get to Studio B (259 Banker St.) tonight. Demon Days is happening, Carl Craig is spinning, your life may never be the same. This Planet E Records night is just soooooo good, for real. Craig is one of the greatest DJs alive, a fucking legend, I really feel like every New Yorker needs to go to this and get schooled on dance music and its history. I know I do, so I will be in attendance.

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-LA, NY, blah blah blah. We love the middle of the country too and we especially love the Dark Wave Disco

-DJ Candlewax is one half of DJ duo Tactic, holding down Kansas which is a lonely job I imagine. He's got a new party called Fiddle with the Volume! with DJ B-Stee of the Nod Squad. It goes down at Fatso's (1016 Mass St.) in Lawrence every Saturday, $2, 21+.

-Cali is home to anniversaries tonight, as The Avalon Bar (820 19th St.) in Costa Mesa celebrates its fourth year of existence. DJs Hawkeye, Awaysted Youth and Double Fisted Crew help them celebrate by providing nice music to dance to. Honestly, this party was guaranteed mention because of having a DJ Hawkeye. Shout to Alan Alda, holler.

-Philly, it's that time of month. Philadelphyinz at the Khyber (56 S. 2nd St.), the original Skinny Friedman/Apt One party. It's free, it's chock full of the best music, there's ridiculous drink specials and there's even gonna be a magazine photographer in the house shooting you and your fellow partygoers' beautiful faces. Go for this ridiculously awesome flier.

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