Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Never Touch That Switch

Robbie Williams, "Never Touch That Switch (Switch remix)" (YSI link) 320 for DJs

Robbie Williams, "Never Touch That Switch (Nightmoves remix)" (YSI link)

Robbie Williams, "Never Touch That Switch (Dark Horse dub)" (YSI link)

Well, Pound for Pound is percolating right now, so expect lots of posts in the next few days. First, something new. I definitely didn't expect Robbie Williams to get a mention on this blog. In fact, I really only knew him from an episode of Cribs that he did a while ago, which lead me to believe that he was sort of the big pop star in Britain. While he may have had the money, the big house and cars, it seems like he may have been dying most of all to get on this blog, as he brought in one of my favorite remixers, Switch (Dave Taylor). On the real, this dude is just killing everything he touches right now, making it clear that he wants a one-year wonder. This remix is classic, love the buzzing bassline, the claps, that sorta duck-call sound that comes in

The other two remixes are good, but nothing too special. Nightmoves are the UK duo of Matthew Nicholas Waites and Peter Benjamin Cage. They're starting to get some attention, having also remixed the Klaxons twice. This one works with the original more, letting a lot more lyrics stand untouched. What starts to go down a few minute into this remix should make it clear why these guys are getting commissions more and more. Those synths just blow me away, can totally see this rocking out a club at peak hours. The final remix is a Dark Horse dub, not really sure of the info behind that moniker. It's not your typical dub remix, as it's actually a full sound, none of the typical echo-y effects or minimalism is found.

-I have to tell this story from the actual life of Pound for Pound. I was waiting at a falafel jawn in Manhattan, having already ordered. A young girl entered, asked if I was in line, I told her no, line was over there, went back to reading my book. She then came back over and asked me what I was reading (Paul Auster's New York Trilogy) and its cover. She then asked me if I was reading it for class. Yes, if I was reading it for my college class. I asked her how old she thought I was and she said, "My age. 20, 21."

-On the depressing side, I hope that everyone is following the unfolding US Attorney scandal. It's slowly come out over the past few weeks that 8 US Attorneys were fired for political reasons and that the planning for this purge goes into the President's office. Talking Points Memo is the best source on this one, stay tuned as there's more to come on this, I feel.

-Finally, what's up with Heidi? Why is she being such a bitch to Lauren now? Why is she into that jagoff Spencer, who face looks like a ventriloquist's dummy face? Most importantly, why isn't Whitney a bigger part of the show? Why isn't she dating me? If you don't know what any of this means, you need to be watching The Hills immediately, the best reality show on TV.

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