Sunday, March 25, 2007

Stickie - Lauren Flax Needs Your Help

Final Update: I'm going to take this one down as a stickie, but hope that you will take the time to send a few dollars Lauren's way or a note of encouragement if you haven't already. Pound for Pound will continue to let you know what she's up to, where she's spinning. Thanks to everyone who has contributed already, it means a lot to me.

Update: There's going to be a silent auction and benefit for Lauren at Home Sweet Home tonight, i.e. Friday night. It's $10 for an open bar from 10:30-11, there will be lots of cool ish to bid on from Mishka, Sweatshop Labor and more, live performances by Dreamburger, Lost Penguin and Kim Ann Foxman and most importantly it's a great chance to give something to Lauren. I want to thank her for checking in comments and all of my readers who have given money or sent a nice thought her way. Let's keep it up, Pound for Pounders. Go and contribute some money if you can, let's get Ms. Flax back on the grind.

I just checked the myspace and came across a bulletin by NYC DJ and party promoter Lauren Flax. Her apartment was robbed last night and the thieves took her computer and money and her peace of mind. She's in a tough spot, so I wanted to do what I could to help out. I'm going to repost her message below, but please go to her myspace page and donate a few dollars to help her get back on her feet. She's one of the best DJs around, a Pound for Pound favorite, she's put on some of the best gigs this city has seen and was the person most responsible for the Disco D benefit a few weeks ago at Studio B. As someone who was robbed as well and had his computer stolen, I know how horrible this situation is. Send a few dollars her way (if this paypal link doesn't work, just go to the donate button on the myspace page) and an email telling her that things will get better, as I know that she'd appreciate it. C'mon Pound for Pound massive, let's do this. Leave a comment and let us know that you gave and we'll get her a new computer. Yeah!

Lauren's bulletin:

My apartment was broken into and my computer along with other items and a lot of cash was stolen. If you can spare a little bit of money, please donate and help me raise some money for a new computer. What I had was a MacBook Pro 2.33 but now just want enough for a MacBook. My computer is my livelihood. Please help if you can, it would mean so much to me.

Thank you, sincerely!

It was suggested to me to set up a paypal donations so if any of you can spare even $1 I would GREATLY GREATLY appreciate it.

again thank you so much for the messages I've received. It means so much & am deeply appreciative.


page said...

i'm page. i live in nashville. i had my macbook and my digital camera stolen in november. i'm a phd student and shoot bands on the side so my computer (and camera) are my life too. it sucked. i made a donation to lauren. i wish her well.

Lauren said...

Jack thank you so so much for putting the word out. I really appreciate it. Because of you, people like page have reached out to donate or just shoot me some kind words. Thanks so much it means the world to me.