Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Dance Dance Dance


Marta Acuna, "Dance Dance Dance (original 12" mix)"
(YSI link)

Catherine Miller, "Hunchin' All Night (original 12" mix) (YSI link)

I really can't believe that it's cold again on the East Coast. I mean, really, this is ridiculous. That groundhog is full of shit, that's for sure. It's incredibly depressing to walk outside and be hit with that gust of wind despite the fact that March is almost over. In good news, I finally bought a iPod connector so I can once again transfer music to my device. I lost my original one in the divorce (what a kick in the nards knowing that some douchebag lawyer dude is not only playing with my daughter-cat but also putting Dave Matthews and Widespread Panic songs with my shit! krazee!) and haven't been able to listen to as much new music as normal. In a metaphor for my life, my iPod broke and plays no music now.

When things have you down like this, what do I turn to? Disco music! Yeah! Here's a few underground classics that you may not have heard yet, although sadly I feel like anything that wasn't a huge crossover hit probably isn't well-known. Well, Pound for Pound is slowly going to change that, ya hear me?

The real gem here is the first one, Marta Acuna's "Dance Dance Dance". I did some google research and couldn't come up with much info on her. In fact, this is her only release, according to her Discogs profile. Oh, but what a song it is! Honestly, this is one of my favorite disco songs ever, hell, one of my favorite songs period.

-Another massive Check Yo Ponytail tonight at Safari Sam's (5214 Sunset Blvd.) in LA. Pound for Pound favorites Boys Noize, Para One, Shout Out Out Out Out and Foreign Islands are all playing tonight, as Franki Chan really keeps outdoing himself. More on Mr. Chan this week, as he's got some massive WMC jawns too.

-A great night in Philly at Upstairs at Sal's with bands starting at 8 and the inmypants DJ crew going from 9:30-closing. I'm really excited at this increasing focus on bands at Sal's, as this really is the best, most interesting venue in the city right now.

-Finally, go out and cop LCD Soundsystem's new album, Sound of Silver, which is out today in the United States of America!

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