Friday, March 30, 2007

Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend

Debbie Deb, "Lookout Weekend" (YSI link) 320 for DJs!!!!!!

I feel like I should probably up this track every Thursday or Friday for the rest of eternity. Has there ever been a greater song in the history of songs? The answer is no.

-To disprove any notion that Pound for Pound has an East Coast bias, we're going to lead off with a great party out in San Fran. VHS or Beta are spinning a DJ set tonight at RX (132 Eddy). Omar and Sleazemore are joining them, which means that there will be lots of electro, booty, acid heat all night long. This is gonna rage people, be there.

-LA, former home to JC (:( at former homes), has a banger tonight featuring Whitey from the UK! No flier, but you can grab advance tickets here, it's only $15, it goes down from 9 at the Echo. Dirty Dave and Crash Berlin have the decks, Bloodcat Love and Pink Moshi have opening sets.

-I mentioned this new Modular weekly in London last week and it looks like this is going to be a permanent Friday reference on this blog. Tonight Duke Dumont and Filthy Dukes join the Modular cats for a night of goodness. Get to 6 Feet Anda (42-44 Kingsland Rd.) early, as it was reportedly packed to the gills last week.

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-Philly, you know where to be tonight - Making Time! Tonight's edition has the amazing line-up of The Presets (who destroyed Hiro last night), Datarock and Lo-Fi-Fnk. I mean, do you see that line-up? That's not including Dave P in the main room and Adam Sparkles, JDH and Julian S. Process upstairs. Best of all, the Broadzilla crew is getting to spin an early set upstairs, a real nice choice. This is gonna be nuts, be at Pure (1221 St. James St.) as early possible so as to miss nothing.

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-Stop in at Upstairs at Sal's before the festivities at Pure (it's a few blocks away) and check out The Model playing live or stick around for the A&E 80s and 90s Electro Dance Rockit Jam-bo-Ree. Your choice.

-For my hip hop kids, there's a really cool Roots afterparty at Fluid tonight featuring the one and only Cosmo Baker. It's free with a ticket stub, 5 bucks on the guest list. This will be crazy packed, so get there early if you know what's good for you.

-The Mad Decent rolls into Brooklyn tonight, joining up with Eamon Harkin and The Banger's Friday night FUN jawn. Live set by Bonde Do Role, Diplo spinning, lots of others at one of the best venues in NYC, Studio B (259 Banker St.)


-For my classier readers, head to Project Matt's new jawn in Soho at The Anchor. You know you wanna grind with that chick from that movie that you saw. Celebs! Getting Wasted!

-Finally, Lauren Flax has White Lightning as usual at Home Sweet Home. It's one of the best weeklies in the city, bangers and bangs as far as the eye can see, i.e. heaven. Special guest DJ UFO! from the aforementioned city of SF.

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