Thursday, March 08, 2007

DJ Hell Remixes

Human Resource, "Dominator (DJ Hell remix)" (YSI link) 320 DJs!

Justice Vs. Simian, "Never Be Alone (DJ Hell's Bavarian Gigolo remix)" (YSI link)

Chelonis Jones, "Deer In Headlights (DJ Hell remix)" (YSI link)

I'm a huge DJ Hell fan, have always loved the mixes that the man has dropped and the great shit that he's put out on his International Deejay Gigolos label. I've been meaning to do more posts on the man and the label, so consider this the start of that goodness.

Here's some of his most recent remixes, all of which came out in 2005 and 2006. The main attraction is his remix of the classic old school rave track, Human Resource's "Dominator." This one is a monster, no doubt. Mixmag went nuts over this and one listen it should be pretty obvious why.

I'm assuming that everyone has heard the "Never Be Alone" remix, as that song and all of its remixes pretty much defined 2006. If you haven't, here's a chance to hear the first remix. Make sure to grab the Chelonis Jones one up there, as it's a good example of how skilled and flexible Hell can be with his remixes. This is a far cry from the heavy sounds of "Dominator," giving off a nice house vibe complete with Jones' rap-y vocals.

-Congrats to my girl Elizabeth, as her new clothing boutique Umoi got a mention in today's Daily Candy email for Philly. It's in reference to the Idear products she carries, from pencil cases to diaries, great handmade stuff that you can only get there. Nice to see Daily Candy catching up to Pound for Pound, as y'all remember that I profiled the store in the Philly Weekly more than a month ago. Losing my edge? Not yet, motherfuckers!

-Check out my favorite new blog in the whole world, La Femme. It's an amazing fashion blog, covering new trends and designers and it's all written in unpretentious way. Best of all, Eurobrat also travels a ton to places like Paris and Finland and it's all cosmopolitan and shit and she likes street art and she seems as obsessed with shoes as me. For real, this is way better than any stupid mp3 blog talking about the new remix and lameness like that.

-Paris, get ready for a Pound for Pound excursion some time this summer. It has to happen. Get at me if you are a Parisian and you can help me plan and figure out what's good.


Patch said...

Enjoyed the post. Keep up the good work!

eurobrat said...

Wow, thanks for the link. And the write up.

I'll catch up with your archives. Happy shoe hunting and remixing...

La Femme aka eurobrat

PS. Ever experienced a Justice vs. Simian mix live in a Paris club? Better than what I imagine cocaine must be like :)