Friday, March 02, 2007

Debbie Deb - When I Hear Music

Debbie Deb, "When I Hear Music" (YSI link)

I've been meaning to drop more freestyle music, as I've built hte collection up over the past 6 months. No better place to start than one of the stone-cold classics of the genre, Debbie Deb's "When I Hear Music." It's also a perfect tie-in to tonight party at the Ukie Club, as I first came to hear this song there back in the Hollertronix days. Not much for me to add on this one, other than this is a nice HQ mp3 and it's a full version. I was so used to hearing Diplo spin it that I forgot how great it is extended, as I want that bass to go on forever. Vocoders, Debbie's great voice, one of the best freestyle songs, massive, squirming bass and sick synths. You need this in your life.

-White Ts and White Belts. At The Ukie Club. North Philly. Obolon. Special guest DJ (hint hint). 'Nuf said. Game Over. Smoke if you got 'em.

-Hands and Knees with Yo Majesty! JHN RDN & Ian St. Laurent will destroy you with dance music. I promise you will be seeing those rabbits by the end of the night. Acccciiiieeeeeeeeeed!

-White Lightning! joins forces with Arveene of Dublin (Ireland) and Frankie Banks of Detroit (Midwest) for dance music madness. Lemme take another minute to give props to a party. Lauren Flax has put together one of the best weeklies in NYC, it's an amazing chance to hear dance bangers and amazing DJs in a great bar with cheap drinks and no Manhattan garbage. Home Sweet Home (131 Chrystie St.), you know what to do.

-FUN at Studio B (257 Banker St.) continues to bring the heat, this time with special guest bands Teddybears and Radio 4. Resident DJs Eamon Harkin and The Bangers bring the fun. Greenpoint!

-LATE UPDATE: My bol Skinny Friedman is spinning tonight in the LES at Guero (9 Ave. A, right below JulesP, aww mang my old stomping grounds, shout out to the crazy guy who walks around screaming at the top of his lungs listening to his Walkman). It's free, make it a downtown night!

-Here's a party I've been meaning to check out, Ruff Club at The Annex. This one looks especially jam-packed

-The Pull Out Method is back at Club Midway (B and 3rd) with The Isles and Elizabeth Harper live

-Shout Out Out Out afterparty in Montreal with DJ Huggs

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-Berlin, where ya at? My girl Elizabeth, a.k.a. DJ Almost Tropical, spins tonight at a new bar in the city called Post-Post (No. 10 Brunnen Strasse). Most romantic flier ever, guaranteed kissing to those smart enough to show.

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Eli Lilly said...

That Debbie Deb track pretty much coined the term "freestyle". The producer, Tony Butler had performed an older track "Freestyle Express" under the name "Freestyle". When "When I Hear Music" came out, DJs credited Debbie Deb's track to "Freestyle". The track blew up, as did some other Butler-produced songs by Trinere and Shannon, and the name stuck for essentially any dance music with electronic drums using latin percussion and thickly-reverbed vocals.

yeah*gAtZ said...

Official new Digitalism track "TVTV" on Hupendi Muziki*

*Miss Veronica* said...

This is a great track. I dont know much about it like eli lilly; but it makes me want to tap my toes.

mikeill889 said...

"When I Hear Music" is definitely a standard in the Freestyle repetoire. Nice one!

You might like this Cassius song too. I feel like I know a lot of the classic Freestyle tracks and I don't think this is one... but it has 'the sound' and is definitely a toe-tapper. I found the track on fluo kids and if you have anymore info on Cassius that would be so coooool.

Eli Lilly said...

Mikeill, you can never go wrong with discogs for info on electronic musicians. Check out


Anonymous said...

There's another Debbie Deb the sell her recordings on CD Universe. Her real name is Anne Williams and recorded Look out weekend and when I hear music why does the vocalist on my space that takes credit for those recordings on her myspace page. She didn't have those first big hits Anne Williams also from Miami did.

Anonymous said...

I went to school with Anne Williams in Miami... she went to Gulliver Academy and then Gulliver Prep... which was the high school... I sang with her in the school chorus for years... and followed her career when she recorded When I hear Music and Look out weekend. This girl on Myspace is not the really Debbie Deb... I saw Anne perform in Miami in the mid 80's when the song came out and I know she is the one that recorded it.