Friday, March 09, 2007

Crystal Castles

Hiding your face in photos is so necessary. Learn from this, young aspiring bands. Photo credit: Stuart Pillinger

Crystal Castles, "Alice Practice" (YSI link)

Crystal Castles, "Air War" (YSI link) 320 DJs

Klaxons, "Atlantis To Interzone (Crystal Castles remix)" (YSI link) 320 DJs

Here's another young, upstart indie dance band that you need to hear. Yeah, yeah I know, you're over this and it's played out. Get over yourself, ride this out as long as there is good shit as before you know it we'll be inundated with sad-faced white guys with guitars and beards killing our souls and our will to live.

Crystal Castles is a Toronto based duo who've only had a few releases. I've put up two songs from their only official release as a group, the Alice Practice 7". Unfortunately, it's sold out, so you're gonna have to check eBay I guess for your copy. The music reminds me a lot of CSS, mixing up a dance influence with a louder, punk element. Or maybe it's just the female vocals that bring that comparison up.

-Making Time in Philly tonight at Pure (13th and St. James), featuring a DJ set by Simian Mobile Disco and a live set by the aforementioned Crystal Castles. Tie-ins are the new black. I'll be there, say hi to the guy in the black and grey striped sweater.

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-Across town, Sinden is making his debut in the US tonight at Fluid (613 S. 4th St.) I really don't know what to tell you on this one, you can't go wrong with either choice and may even be able to make it to both.

-Hush Hush at Cinespace

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-Shake and Pop goes off at the Zanzibar (1301 N. 5th St.) in Santa Monica. I have no idea where Santa Monica is in relation to LA or SF, but I do know that they have guest DJ Passions of Kitsune and Trouble & Bass. That's along with DJ Pube$ and Acid Girls, so find out where this is and go!

-A little farther North, Lights Down Low seems pretty fucking solid, with resident DJs Sleazemore and special guests Audrock and Landshark. It's going down at 222 Club, San Fran starting to stand up, yeah!


-DJ DJ Dylan holds it down in ATL as always, this time opening for the man, DFA's Juan MacLean. Peep the flier, btw, yeah! Get yourself to The Mark (79 Poplar St.) and dance, burn Atlanta to the ground again.

-Finally, NYC has its weekly heat. Lauren Flax's White Lightning! has special guest Krames of Cobra Kai, another Pound for Pound favorite.

-Ruff Club at The Annex is a few blocks away and has the usual line-up, but with special guest Dimitry

-Finally, Stretch Armstrong and Aaron Lacrate do it up in Brookyln, for those of you who just stomach a night in Manhattan. This is another edition of FUN, the people who've brought you The Rapture, Optimo and Girl Talk. It's at Studio B, you can't go wrong with this one.

FUN 3.9 Back

-Whew, that's it. Feel free to add any events I missed in the comments or get at me so I don't miss them in the future.

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